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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Yuri Shumakov 

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Minnie Leach

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Minnie LeachMinnie Leach

Name Minnie Leach
Category Salmon/Steelhead
Hook Salmon, Size 1 to 1/0
Tail Rabbit Fur Zonker Strip
Body Rabbit Fur Zonker Strip Wrapped Around Hook and Several Strands Matching Flashabou    
Head Dubbed SLF or Wrapped Crystal Chenille in Color Matching or Contrasting to Body
Eyes Barbell or Hour Glass Eyes


Tie in the thread and secure the zonker strip at the hook bend with approximately 1.5x the hook length sticking out as a tail. Wind the thread forward under the remaining zonker strip and wrap the remaining zonker strip forward. Tie off, leaving enough room for the head and eyes. Tie in a generous amount of flash on both sides of the body. Dub the SLF and wrap head or tie in Crystal Chenille and wrap head. Secure hour glass eyes in front of head with figure eight turns of the thread. Whip Finish and dub thread with head cement. Experiment with colors. This fly can be tied with matching colors for body and head or contrasting as you see here.

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