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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Yuri Shumakov 

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Krystal Egg

Name Krystal Egg
Category Winter Steelhead
Hook Dai-Riki 135-C, Tiemco TMC 2457, Daichii 1130, or similar, size 8-14
Body Krystal Flash
Hackle White
Thread Color Matching the Krystal Flash


    1. Start by winding thread around the hook near the eye and then to just past the half-way point of the hook shank.
    2. Select a Krystal Flash color and cut a bunch of fibers. Place on top and bottom of the hook shank.
    3. Secure the Krystal Flash in the middle with two or three wraps. On the last turn, pull the thread taut, so that the Krystal Flash fibers flare and spin around the hook shank. Move the thread slightly ahead, gently pulling the thread through the fibers. Lock the thread with a drop of head cement.
    4. Tie another bunch of Krystal Flash on the shank, the same way as the first step. Keep adding until you have a thick flare around the shank and still have enough room for the hackle.
    5. Trim the body to shape to an egg shape before adding the hackle because it will be hard to cut with the hackle on.
    6.Tie in a white hackle, tip end first and wrap a few turns for the collar.
    7.Tie a tapered head, whip-finish, cut the thread, and cover the head with head cement.
    Note: The above example is an orange Krystal Flash Egg. You can experiment with several different colors to suit the conditions and preferences.

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