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When Swedish tyer Wolfgang von Malottke joined as the 7th contributing tyer to  Salmonfly.Net, I wrote that he had "attracted quite a bit of attention in the fly tying world for the beautiful Classic Flies he dressed. They are truly amazing examples of what the art is all about and even more amazingly, he ties them without a vice". This is what he wrote on the introductory page of his website,

"When I first started dressing The Classics, I used a vice, with poor results, so I decided to start working without one. This works for me. I don't know why, but I feel freer when I can turn the fly around with no vice in the way. There is also no thread holder or bobbin to work around. I always strive for perfection. However, in this art, one is never satisfied with the results"

Wolfgang was really the catalyst for the Salmonfly.Net breaking off into the realm of Classic Salmon Fly Tying. It was a site originally designed for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead flies, but he was generous enough, early on to allow us to use the pictures directly from his site to display examples of the classics. I quickly realized that a Salmon Fly Tying site could never be complete without going back to the roots of it all.

It appears now that the webpage of Wolfgang von Malottke has gone away, which is a shame. His site, formerly called Classic Salmon Flies Wolfgang's Homepage was destined to become a "Classic" itself. The beautiful examples that Wolfgang had generously contributed to our site were a only a small sampling of his work.

The Flies
  Baron Childers Dewdrop Fra Diavolo
  Nicholson Popham Yellow Torrish  



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