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Rune with beautiful seatrout.

If you don't understand Danish, you might have a hard time reading  Rune Westphal's blog, Seatrout flyfisher, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You don't have to read it to be fascinated by it. Two things immediately pop out at you just by browsing through it. One, this is a man that knows how to catch fish, and two he ties some incredibly realistic shrimp flies. If that is not enough, take the time to translate some of the photo captions and you'll find a man of great wisdom, who loves his country and has and a great passion for seatrout fly fishing. 

After glancing through his blog, I did a Google search and found the little gem below. It's is a Vimeo movie I found of him on the net that shows him in action. I thought it was a nice find so I hope he doesn't mind that I use it.

Fishermen - Rune Westphal from Inwaders Media on Vimeo.

Before I gush any more, I will go back to the usual format and let Rune introduce himself as do all the Salmonfly.Net contributors. Read what he had to say, then take some time  and maybe take a stab at tying to  his first submission to Salmonfly.Net, “A perfectly boiled Shrimp

My name is Rune Westphal. I'm 41 years old and live in Frederiksvaerk with my wife Lone and my two  kids, Mike and Emilie. Frederiksvaerk is in the northeastern part of Seeland and I have some of Denmark's best seatrout fly-fishing shores in my backyard. After more than a decade in the fishing gear business, I've decided that I would rather be fly-fishing than selling gear to people who are going fly-fishing.  So now I work as a taxidermist in my father's company "Natures Studio". When not working, I'm walking the coastline looking for seatrout and in the dark cold winters when the coastline is covered in ice, I'm tying flies for friends and customers. My father and grandfather were great fishermen and they've been an inspiration in many ways all my fishing life. My first time seatrout fishing was when I was 3 years old, covered in a blanket inside a backpack on my father back, while he was wading the shallow waters looking for some fishing action. I have been told that I was looking over his shoulder noticing all the secrets that seatrout fishing contains.

Kind regards,
Rune Westphal

“A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp”

A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp
Step-by-Step Instructions

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