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Bob Frandsen

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Just to follow on in the Salty theme I thought I`d put in my bit with a few flies we use down here in the very Southeast corner of Australia.

We have everything from Barramundi, Tuna, and the large Trevally varieties plus many others in the north of the country. Most of the fish around this area are on the small size by comparison, though, with most of them  - Southern Black Bream, Yellowfin Bream, Flathead, Perch, Trevally, Australian Salmon (which is no relation at all to the North American Salmon) and Tailor (our version of the Bluefish) in the single figure size with the odd double figure Mulloway.

Where I live most of the fishing is done in an estuarine situation with the appropriate flies and equipment. While Clousers along with Crazy Charlies, are probably the most popular all around flies,  for this issue, I`ve selected some other very popular patterns which are in general use. Clousers are pretty well a universal fly all over, except for one other fly that I will not be discussing in this article.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Polar Fiber Baby Fry
1. Polar Fiber Baby Fry
Polar Fiber Baby Fry
2. Polar Fiber Baby Fry
Mick Halls Laser Minnows
3. Mick Halls Laser Minnows
Evil Minnow
4. Evil Minnow
Crazy Charlie Variants
5. Crazy Charlie Variants
Flash Maggots
6. Flash Maggots
All Around Flies
7. All Around Flies
My Shrimp Pattern
8. My Shrimp Pattern
White Thing
9. White Thing

#1 & #2 are Polar Fiber Baby fry patterns which work well on a lot of species, especially Australian Salmon.

#3 Mick Halls Laser Minnows which were originally designed for trout in the fresh work equally as well as an all around minnow pattern in the salt. I use stainless hooks rather than the original bronzed variety.

#4 The Evil Minnow has to be my top fly for Flathead, a bottom dwelling species that loves anything that moves, especially if it looks a bit like a minnow of sorts. I have trimmed the end of the wing forward of the tow point to give it a bit of a darting action on retrieve.

#5 Crazy Charlie variants and #6 Flash Maggots work well on just about any species, but they are especially effective for our Bream and Estuary Perch.

#7 Some are examples of some general all around flies. #8 is a good a shrimp Pattern from my stable.

#9 A White Thing which along with a Pink Thing varying only in hackle color are must-haves in any Saltwater Fly Box.

Bob Frandsen

 Bob Frandsen lives in a small town near the Gippsland Lakes which are an extensive estuarine system in East Gippsland in the South/East corner of Australia in the state of Victoria. He is a regular contributor to Salmonfly.Net and is amongst other accolades, he is listed in Steve Thorntons Fy Tyers of the World. You can see Bob's Flies on Salmonfly.Net at The Flies of Bob Frandsen.

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