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Sky MeadowJoe Gablick, from Lower Burrell, Pa. has been tying flies for about 30 years. He conducts a fly-fishing school that emphasizes relaxation, casting, and enjoying nature's surroundings. You can tell when you look at Joe's flies that enjoys tying. There is a lot of his philosophy woven in to them. Take a moment to visit Joe's website, The Contented Angler. This is what Joe says about his craft:

I've been dressing flies for about 30 years now. I started off as a commercial tyer of trout flies, but that got old real fast. I felt with the advent of all the new gadgets and materials that somehow there was no art in dressing flies. That is when I turned to the Classic Atlantic Salmon flies. I collected quite a few books and began studying the classics. I used substitute material at first, then when I felt I was ready, I started dressing the flies with more exotic materials. I am currently experimenting with different wing styles such as Hardy, Kelson, etc. I still get a lot of satisfaction when I complete one. I think if the fathers of these flies were here today, they would be using material that was plentiful and inexpensive. I've seen a lot of beautiful flies by today's fly dressers that are just as creative if not more so than flies that contain exotic materials. I hope we begin to move in the direction of alternative materials. The artistic qualities of the fly does not suffer, and in some cases, there is an improvement.

Joe Gablick

The Flies

Atlantic Salmon Flies

Jock Scott Green Highlander Black Doctor 

The Parson    Stevenson

Joe Gablick Originals
Sky Meadow   Tidal Dawn   December Dawn   Limelight 

Lilac & Purple  Eclipse   The Victorian   The Volunteer  

The Tarheel  Lionheart


White Winged Ackroyd

Original Speys

Caramel Spey   Firestorm   Sir Richard Spey

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