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Silver Doctor
( from Pryce-Tannatt's How to Dress Salmon Flies )

Dressed by Mike Boyer

Silver Doctor

Tag: Silver thread and golden yellow floss

Tail: A topping and Blue Chatterer (sub Kingfisher)

Butt: Scarlet Berlin wool

Body: Flat silver tinsel

Ribs: Fine oval silver tinsel

Throat: A pale blue hackle, followed by Widgeon

Wings: Mixed--tippet in strands with strips of Golden Pheasant tail over; "married" strands of scarlet, blue and yellow Swan, Florican, Bustard, Peacock wing, and light mottled Turkey tail; "married" narrow strips of Teal and barred Summer Duck; narrow strips of brown Mallard over; a topping over all

Head: Scarlet Berlin wool

This version of  Silver Doctor was tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, Mike Boyer, who was the second tyer to start contributing his flies to Salmonfly.Net. His contributions began in 1998. You can read about Mike and see many more of his flies by visiting The Flies of Mike Boyer.

Mike's Notes: Here's a classic almost everyone has heard of, the Silver Doctor. It comes to us from James Wright circa 1850. Wright was an award winning fly tier who also brought us many other famous patterns such as the Silver Grey and the Black Ranger. I've used T. E. Pryce-Tannatt's version of this pattern. Once again, it's perfectly fine to substitute for the very hard to come by feathers. Just tie the best fly you can with good materials.


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