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Amnesia Chartreuse Green
An Original Pattern by Ard Stetts

Amnesia Chartreuse Green

Name Amnesia Chartreuse Green
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Daiichi 2051 single size 1.5
Tag Flat medium silver tinsel, use metal tinsel not Mylar, the latter will not hold up well
Tip Chartreuse floss very long
Butt A nice black saddle hackle wound and angled back toward bend of hook
Body Chartreuse green floss
Hackle Bleached goose shoulder dyed crimson red is wound from just ahead of the tag forward over the dubbed front body
Ribbing Bleached / burnt goose shoulder dyed chartreuse green follow hackle with wide embossed silver tinsel
Wing A sparse bunch of long black bear or polar bear dyed black
Collar A bright yellow saddle hackle
Head Black

Amnesia Chartreuse Green is an original fly designed by Ard Stetts. You can see more of Ard's flies at The Flies of Ard Stetts. See his notes about this fly below.

Ard's Notes: This fly was inspired by a Pacific Silver Salmon who chased and struck my leader butt, which consists of 22 of chartreuse green Amnesia. I rely on it and the classic Coburn Special for my green flies.

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