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Just Ducky
Designed and Dressed by Ronn Lucas, Sr

Just Ducky

Pattern: Just Ducky

Hook: Partridge Bartleet

Thread/Head: Black

Tag: Fine oval Silver tinsel and red floss

Tail: Topping, veiled with two Northern Bobwhite neck feathers back to back

Butt: Black Ostrich

Body: Rear: Uni Floss Emerald Green ribbed and counter ribbed with fine silver oval tinsel veiled on top with a Starling feather and on the bottom with two white tipped Ringneck neck feathers back to back, body Joint, black Ostrich, front: gold embossed tinsel ribbed with two fine oval silver tinsel flanking purple thread.

Throat: : Purple Guinea

Wing: : Pintail Duck

Sides: Ringneck

Cheeks: Ringneck Pheasant

Topping: Golden Pheasant Crest

Horns: Golden Pheasant Tail

Just Ducky was tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, Ronn Lucas, Sr., who was the third tyer to contribute his flies to Salmonfly.Net in its early years. 

This fly is one of a series that Ronn calls his "Cheap Flies", so-called because they are tied using cheap materials. Ronn set out to develop this series of flies to prove that it wasn't necessary to spend a fortune on materials to tie good-looking, full-dressed Atlantic Salmon flies. In an article to be published in Fly Tyer magazine, Ronn writes,

"... Birds such as, Mallard, Pintail, Teal, Grouse, Quail, Peacock, Ringneck, Golden, Reeves and Amherst Pheasants, the list goes on, all have great feathers. Sure, some feathers on these birds have proven useful on any manner of types of flies but, generally not as full feather wings and other components of Atlantic Salmon Flies. ...

Most male Ducks have very nice secondaries, wing covert feathers along with other body feathers that lend themselves to this style of tying. Upland game birds also have great wing, tail and some body feathers. For body veilings, I have used such feathers as Hen Chicken neck feathers both, dyed and natural, head, neck and leg feathers from any number of birds. Toppings are still usually Golden Pheasant crest feathers although, I also use the crests of the Amherst Pheasant for a different look. Both toppings are inexpensive and, readily available. Hackles can really be just about any feather you care to use.

...Fly shops will likely have Ringneck, Golden and, Amherst skins available. They ought to be able to order skins such as Reeves Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, various Quail, Chukar and, more. Duck skins are usually best found from hunters. ..."

You can read about onn and see many more of his flies by visiting The Flies of Ronn Lucas, Sr.


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