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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Scotty Howell In Memory of Yuri Shumakov

Jan/Feb Issue

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In This Issue of Salmonfly.Net

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Sol Duc, Tied By Stu FarnhamIn recent years, Steelhead and Salmon flies have evolved from those with bodies of fur and floss to those tied with simple tinsels, as presented by William Lovelace, to bodies with holographic tinsels and mirages and the Estaz bodies of the flies presented by Paul Smith. Wings on these flies have progressed  from hair and fur to Krystal flash (or Twinkle it is called in Lawrence Finney’s fly presentations), and even materials that reflect Ultra Violet light, as John Glaspy presents in his article, A Simple Approach to Flies for Alaskan Salmon in August. Some of the flies shown in this issue are traditional steelhead flies, others are for Pacific salmon, and one is even for a species never mentioned on this site before, in Dennis Dickson’s article “Just Keep Reeling Bette” MORE...

Dennis Dickson Series

'Just keep reeling Bette' - A Tarpon Story

Dennis Dickson Fly Tying StoriesIn this article by Northwest Guide, Dennis Dickson, we depart from the normal fare to a story taking us to a different part of the world  and for a different quarry. In another of his humorous stories, Dennis just might compel you to spend the off season fly fishing for Tarpon, and of course he supplies a complete set of instructions to tie the only fly that you will require to be successful.  MORE...

Featured Article

John Glaspy

With John Glaspy's new flies, double hook-ups are not uncommon.  His son was using a Pink Rotapixie; He used a Pink Rotabunny.UCLA Medical Center physician, fly fisherman and fly tyer, Dr. John Glaspy, has been fishing Alaska and Pacific Northwest waters for Pacific Salmon for some time now. In his article for this issue, A Simple Approach to Flies for Alaskan Salmon in August, John writes about how experience and  his research have led him to the development of an innovative new fly he calls the Rotabunny, with a detailed set of instructions and photos for tying it and its variations. MORE...

Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

William Lovelace Flies

Bill Lovelace at Albany ExpositionWilliam Lovelace continues to be a major contributor to Salmonfly.Net with his latest submissions to the "All That Glitters is Not Gold" issue. The truth be known, I had trouble coming up with a theme for this issue, and it was Bill's idea to use this one. I thought it was great and knew right away that he would come up with some appropriate fly submissions for the theme.   MORE...

Paul Smith Flies

Paul Smith FliesPaul Smith was injured on the job in 1991, had several back surgeries, and for eight years had been unable to fish at all. Instead, during that time, he took up fly tying and developed his own line of flies which he now sells in his business, River King Flies. In keeping with the theme for this issue, he displays his new flies, the River Glitter Bug. MORE...

Lawrence Finney Flies

Lawrence FinneyIrish Fly Tyer Lawrence Finney, has been busy these days with a hectic schedule, teaching fly tying, doing fly tying demonstrations, and  workshops for his clients, all while operating his business, Finney's Flies. With all that, he has still found time to submit flies for the Contributing Fly Tyer Series. Here, Lawrence presents flies appropriate for the theme of this issue, "All That Glitters is Not Gold". MORE...

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