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Luc Ibrais's FlyTyingForAll.Com WebsiteIf you have not already noticed, web pages are making rapid advances in design and content as new technologies have become available to them.  This is exciting news for fly tyers as they are now able to visualize techniques that they could only read about in the past. Accomplished Canadian fly tyer Luc Brais,  has taken advantage of the new Silverlight technology to bring state of the art fly tying videos to a burgeoning readership in Canada and the United States.

Luc makes available over 150 professional videos (the current count)  of fly tying instructions for Salmon and Steelhead, Bass, Pike, Trout, Tarpon, and Bonefish, amongst many others. He even has some excellent introductory instructions for beginners covering tools, materials and techniques. Most videos of this nature can only be purchased on expensive DVDs. All of Luc's are available to see online or to download for a very reasonable subscription fee, and he also makes them available for purchase on DVD.  There are even several available for download free. I'll leave the details for you to see on Luc's site, but for now he has generously allowed me to show one of his instructional videos,  Grey Heron. Part 1 on this site as an introduction.

Keep in mind, that I am using an embedded Media Player file. The Silverlight technology that Luc uses is much superior. I still think that you will be as  impressed as I was with his presentations. As always, I ask our contributors to say a little about themselves. Read Luc Brais's comments below, view his Video, then see for yourself the tremendous contribution he is making to the fly tying community by visiting his site.

 Luc Brais at his tying bench.My name is Luc and I am from Montreal (Quebec, Canada). I started fly tying when I was about 13 years old. Back then, there wasn't much information on the subject. There was no Internet and there were only a few English magazines, a language I did not speak at the time. I remember buying my first fly tying kit containing a very simple vise, no hackle pliers, and no bobbin - just some feathers, fur, a few hooks and thread.  It took a long time to tie one fly, but it was a start... enough to realize I was hooked. As the years went by I learned more and more each day just by looking at pictures in magazines.

When I was 15 years old, I started selling flies to 3 different stores in Montreal. It was a great job for a teenager. I did this for a few years and then the reality of life kicked in with work, family, and all the responsibilities. I always found time to tie flies, though. It was my way of relaxing. Can you think of a better reward than catching a fish with your own creation?
A few years ago, I wanted to start sharing my passion with people by teaching my techniques.  I just wasn't sure how. One night, it hit me. I had a dream of having my own Web site where people could visualize the way I tie flies.

With a lot of hard work, my site came to life in December 2008. On this site you will find videos for beginners, intermediates and experts. There is also a category where you will find the patterns, categorized by fish and types of flies. I also take the time to write to each of my subscribers, making sure they are satisfied with my services.
This is a site I am very proud of. I hope I will be able to transmit my tie flying passion to you!

Grey Heron, Part 1
Luc Brais Video Fly Tying Instructions (Best Viewed in I.E.)
Borrowed with Permission From

Visit to download Grey Heron, Parts 1 and  2

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