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Salmonfly.Net 2011 Christmas Fly Competition

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Und Blitzen

Salmonfly.Net officially kicks off its first annual Christmas Fly Competition with Und Blitzen, a fly submitted by William Lovelace. The challenge goes out now to all current and future contributing fly tyers to submit your own original  creation with a a Christmas theme. All entries will be linked by thumbnail from this page to a full page display of the fly. See the full rules, prizes, and current entries below.

General Guidelines

All flies should be designed for Salmon or Steelhead with the intention that they are pleasing to the eye, fit into the Christmas theme, and still might catch fish. They do not have to be proven as fish catchers, just designed to catch fish. It must be understood that judging this is purely subjective, but there are certain styles,  colors, sizes, and proportions  that are attractive to salmon and steelhead. In other words, this is not a Classic Atlantic Salmon fly competition. Speys, Dees, and Hairwing Atlantic Salmon flies however, will be allowed.

Detailed Guidelines

  1. Entries must be submitted by November 30, 2011
  2. If you do not like your first submission as presented on Salmonfly.Net, you may still submit another, as long as it received by the November 30th deadline. Only one entry per person is allowed, however. You must state when sending a second or third that it is meant to replace the original entry.
  3. Send photo submissions by email. First use the contact form to let us know you are entering and we will send instructions about how to submit your fly. You may also use the form to ask questions about the contest.
  4. Regular contributors will know how to submit their flies.
  5. Send photo, recipe and  notes that you would like included on the fly page, especially if the notes explain some of the logic of your design. The recipe is required, the notes are not.
  6. The flies will be judged independently and without input from the Salmonfly.Net editor by Master Fly Tyer Dr. David Burns who has graciously accepted our request to take on the task.
  7. That categories that will be judged are:
    • Originality (Self-explanatory) -10 pts
    • Form (Proportions. Note that some flies intended to catch fish have seemingly disproportionate characteristics for a reason. Explain in your notes if that is the case with your fly.) -10 pts
    • Artistry (Creativity in relation to the theme) -10 pts
    • Utility (Usefulness as a fly to catch fish) -10 pts
  8. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  9. Prizes will be solicited from sponsors/advertisers and announced at a as they come in (see below). Prizes will continue to be added as they are solicited. Categories for the prizes will be announced by September 30, 2011.
  10. Winners will be announced on December 19, 2011.

List of Prizes as they come in.

1. A free year membership to the Luc Brais web site, French or English ( or for the winner.

2.  Another one year subscription to ( or picked randomly among all contestants. To be eligible the contestant must write an email mentioning the contest to (

3. Cabela's Rotating Tool Caddy: Rotating fly tool caddy with a variety of large and small diameter holes, also has 4 spool holders that store up to 4 spools each.  From Cabela's.

4. Cabela's Spool Safe: Holds 40 spools of thread and rotates for easy selection.  From Cabela's

5. Wright & McGill Co. Essential Fly Rod; 9', #6 Line, 4 Pc.; WME 964. This rod comes with a a beautiful and durable travel case trimmed in leather. Read more about it on the Wright & McGill site.

Christmas Fly Competition Fly Entries

Und Blitzen
Und Blitzen
William Lovelace
XMAS Lights
Ken Broadhead
Specific Salmon
Specific Salmon
Leon Guthrie
Unnamed Christmas Fly
Unnamed Christmas Fly
Per Hansen
Santa's Sleigh
Santa's Sleigh
Monte Smith

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