Riverhouse: Watershed ecology and online field guides for the Thornapple River.
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Welcome to Riverhouse, a site with river, stream, and watershed related information. Here you may access online field guides, watershed links, and Kent County, Michigan watershed environmental issues hotpages. This site specializes in resources specific to Michigan and the Thornapple River Watershed.

Whatever your watershed interests are, I hope you will find them here.

The primary focus of this site is to provide on-line watershed references, specifically for Michigan and the Thornapple River. The secondary focus is to provide current updates on local environmental watershed issues, at Thornapple River Environmental Issues.

This site will be useful to researchers, educators, students, anglers, and watershed groups.

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River otters have been seen
in the Thornapple!
June, 2000.

Have you seen any bald eagles on the Thornapple?
Let us know where!

Caledonia Foundation awarded funds to Caledonia Middle School to build nest boxes for wood ducks.

Watch for hooded mergansers and common mergansers on the Thornapple.

Another winter resident is the goldeneye.

Habitat destruction is a major problem for our wildlife in Michigan.
Monday, April 10, Michigan Live.

TRWG participated in the winter Stonefly Search on the Huron River, January 1999.

This is the website of Patricia ("thornapple"). I am an environmental educator, photographer, and writer. I am associated with the Thornapple River Watershed Group, a non-profit enviromental organization located on the Thornapple River, in lower West Michigan (USA).

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The Thornapple is a tributary of the Grand River, that empties into Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan supplies drinking water to many communities, as well as being a fishery, a source of recreation, and a place of great natural beauty. Lake Michigan is one of the Great Lakes, one of the greatest freshwater resources on earth.

The Thornapple River has historically been one of the healthiest and most beautiful rivers in lower Michigan. In my backyard live osprey, bald eagles, pike, bass, trout, herons, and beautiful ducks wintering in Michigan. The Thornapple has fascinating communities of benthic macroinvertebrates. The river is enjoyed by people who live here, and by people in boats, kayaks, canoes, and flotillas of innertubes. It has an excellent fishery. It is a joy for birders. And in Kent County, it is, amazingly, only a 25 minute drive from the downtown of Grand Rapids, one of the major large cities of Michigan.

Because the river and watershed are so beautiful, they are a prime location for development, and this development has lead to problems. Read on......


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