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Huron River Stonefly Search
January 9, 1999

The images below show some of the fun we had on the Huron River Watershed Council's January Stonefly Search. Those chemical pocket warmers came in very handy on such a cold day. The official search was called off due to weather conditions; there was so much snow that parking near the sites was difficult or impossible, and the streams were frozen over at many sampling sites. Some of us came out in spite of the official cancellation of the event, and we were fortunate enough to go out and sample.

The worst problem we faced was that the tray we put the samples in would freeze into a block of ice. A little warm-up from a thermos of hot water kept the tray from freezing. Nothing kept our feet from freezing except lots of socks, moving, and our good humor. The friendly dog I had in the car came in very handy as a hand warmer.

Knee deep in snow, the team approaches a stream sampling site.

Volunteers with very cold fingers pick through the leaves taken out of the stream. Stonefly larvae feast on the autumn leaf fall, and make good growth in this cold weather.

Looking into the sampling tray to see what we got is exciting even while icicles are growing on moustaches.

The hot thermos water came in handy for keeping the net from freezing solid.

You can almost see the ice forming in this tray.

It is essential to fill out the data sheet in the field. You might forget something if you wait until later. Hint: pencils don't freeze!

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