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Effects of Development on the Thornapple

The Thornapple is now suffering visibly from the increasing pressures of development in the watershed.

The further downstream one goes, the more evident is the resulting flooding, erosion, and sedimentation.

The goal of the developers is economic benefit, not to damage the Thornapple River. The developers and landowners are ignorant of their effect on the watershed. Ultimately, we all live downstream; Thus all need to work on balancing the interests of the developers and the interests of the watershed.

It is said that a developer is a person who wants to build a house on the river, and an environmentalist is a person who owns a house on the river. I am, by that definition, an environmentalist. My vision is to turn developers, public officials, and landowners into knowledgeable ecologists, working to preserve the health and beauty of the watershed.


The earth is an ecological system of which we are a part.

Whether we are aware of it of not, the stewardship of earth is our responsibility.

It is primarily our ignorance that causes watersheds to be degraded. Links to the knowledge we need are to be found at this site.

Property Owner's Environmental Guidebook.

Information and contact resources for people in Michigan, who own or are developing land with environmentally sensitive resources, such as rivers, streams, wetlands, lakeshores, dunes, etc. Environmental laws, permits required, sound development practices. Very useful information. Provided by the Traverse Area Association of Realtors.

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