The Child At Heart: Six-Eight

Part 6

The entire group stared at Spike, waiting to hear why he was there, and also what happened to them to change them into children as well.

“Well I think that the first thing we need to find out is if Angel and Spike are still vampires, since they are now at an age that is before they were turned.” Giles said, looking expectantly at Angel and Spike. The two boys just looked at each other and shrugged then tried to vamp out. They tried, and then they tried again.

“Um, why can’t we change?” Angel finally said after trying three times to vamp out.

“Just as I expected, because your bodies are younger than when you were changed, you are no longer vampires. Very interesting...I’m quite sure the council will want to hear about this…” Giles trailed off as he started towards his office to write down the events so far.

“Screw the bloody council!! I want to be a vampire again!” Spike whined with disgust.

“Hmm, well don’t worry, as soon as the spell wears off you should return to being, a, well a vampire again.” Giles told the distraught ex-vampire.

“And when does the spell wear off?” Angel asked.

“48 hours from when it was cast.” With that Giles retreated into his office.

Angel and Spike just stood there in shock. Neither knew what to do, they hadn’t been human in over 200 years. It was definitely going to be something to get used to. Just then a realization hit Angel.

“The sun! We can go out into the sun! And Buffy we can, well, you know, and I won’t lose my soul!” Angel grabbed Buffy’s hands and swung her around in a circle.

“Angel!!” Buffy screamed, turning bright red at what he had just said. Then she too laughed, and hugged him fiercely. The both looked at each other, then hand in hand they ran out of the library laughing. The rest of the group watched the whole event with wide-eyed wonder.

“Buffy I…where’d Buffy go?” Giles asked as he came out of his office.

“She and dead...err, Angel went off to hump like bunny’s.” Xander said the elbow to his stomach from Cordy coming too late. “Owww…that hurt!” he said rubbing his stomach.

“Err, ummm, well…” Giles took off his glasses and started to clean them nervously, not knowing quite what to say. He looked up suddenly, "Can they do that?" Then walked back into his office to break open the secret bottle of Scotch he had hidden in his desk. If there was anytime that he needed it, now was it.

Part 7

“…and so I came back here.” Spike finished recounting his story as to why he had come back to the only person left in the library, Willow. Xander and Cordelia had left some time ago to go shopping for clothes to wear while they were that small, because as Cordelia had said, “There is no way I’m going to look like a misfit for the next 24+ hours.” Oz had gone, because he had to practice with his band. How they would take his looking like a child, he wasn’t quite sure. Giles had left about twenty minutes into Spike’s story because he had run out of Scotch.

“Wow, so she just left you? How mean, I mean geez, you save her life, and she dumps you? I knew she was psycho, but this just makes her, well, um, a big meanie!” Willow exclaimed.

“Tell me about it. Thanks for listening luv, I haven’t been able to really talk to anyone for the longest time, well anyone alive anyway.”

“So since you’re human now, or at least for a little while, isn’t there anything you want to do?” Willow asked, curious as to what Spike would want to do.

“Well, as the big poof said we can go into the sun now, I think I might like to go do that.”

“Oooh!!” Willow hopped up and down in her seat. “We can go to the park, or the zoo, or-“

“the beach!! I’ve never been to the beach during the day, could we do that?” Spike said with exuberance.

“Of course!! Come on, we’ll take a quick trip to the mall to buy swimsuits that’ll fit, and then we can leave tomorrow morning, since it’s too late to go now.” Willow planned. “Oh, and we’ll go to the store and buy food to make a picnic lunch and everything!!”

“Hmm, eating real food, haven’t done that in forever either, could we maybe buy grapes? I used to love them when I was lil. My mum would give them to me as a snack when I was being really good.” Spike smiled, remembering the days when he was a small child.

“Sure, whatever you want. Come on, let’s go now, we can take the bus!” Willow grabbed Spike’s hand, and dragged him out of the school, and towards the bus stop.

Part 8

The next morning Willow came downstairs from her room dressed in her bathing suit and a pair of shorts, carrying her top and towel in her left arm, and a tube of sunscreen in her right. She found Spike sitting at her kitchen table, already dressed, and chowing down on a large bowl of Lucky Charms. It had been decided that Spike should just stay in her guestroom since her parents were out of town.

“Good morning!” Willow said cheerfully, and Spike looked up at her, his spoon frozen inches from his mouth as he took in the girl before him. Although her body was only 10, she had already started to mature, and it was evident in the bikini, which she wore. The white material gave her skin a healthy glow, and she had just enough breasts to give the top shape. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail on the top of her head, and her hazel eyes were sparkling.

“Um, morning.” Spike managed to drag his eyes away from her body, and stuff the spoonful of sugary goodness into his mouth.

“Spike could you, I mean if it isn’t too much trouble, maybe do my back?” Willow asked sheepishly.

“Huh?” Spike was confused, and then he saw that she was holding out the tube of sunscreen at him. “Oh, yeah sure.” He got up and took the tube from her hand and squeezed a small amount into his hands and rubbed them together. He then proceeded to smear the greasy stuff all over Willow’s back.

“Thanks.” Willow said over her shoulder as he rubbed it in. “I’ll do your back if you want.”

“No thanks, I’m gonna try and get myself a tan while I can.” Spike said as he finished, and wiped his hands on his swim trunks.

Spike dumped the rest of his cereal down the drain, then helped Willow pack up the beach bag they were taking, and the picnic basket with their lunches. When everything was packed Willow and Spike slipped on their shirts and sandals, then headed to the bus stop to catch the bus to the beach.


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