The Child At Heart: Three-Five

Part 3

Angel walked away from the library, careful not to step in the unidentifiable stuff lining the sewer path. He was heading for the mansion, and couldn't shake the feeling someone was following him. He extended his senses, and turned and punched the intruder in the gut.

"What the bloody hell did you do that for? You sot." A very familiar British blonde looked up at the dark haired vampire.

"Spike? What are you doing here?"

"Do you always give your guests such a warm welcome?" Spike asked, avoiding the question.

"My guests? What are you talking about, Spike. Why are you here? Is Dru with you?" Angel was very confused.

"Dru? Nah. She went off with that damn chaos demon, and I haven't seen her since. It's not that bad though. There are SO many more entree choices now that I'm single." He grinned. "How's life treating you, mate?"

Angel was really confused. Why was Spike there? And what confused him more was that he and Spike were having a normal conversation. To the casual observer, it would look like they were friends, although why a casual observer would be down in the sewers in the first place is another matter entirely. Just then, a flash came out of no where, and the two vampires were tossed like rag dolls into the sewer channel.

Part 4

Spike came up sputtering first. He pulled his sodden body over to the side of the channel, and got out of the water.

"Bloody hell, what was that? Oh, I'm wet! I HATE being wet! I go to all this trouble to stay out of the rain most of my un-life, and now I get tossed into the bloody sewer. Showers are okay, though, but I hate being really wet .ARG!..." He broke off as Angel, who had just surfaced, stared at him. "...WHAT?"

"Spike, calm down." Angel looked surprised. His voice had dropped about a notch and a half. He cleared his throat and tried again. "The water will dry." It didn't work. His voice was higher, and just then, he noticed.... his clothes didn't quite fit anymore. And, his hair was a mess. He hadn't looked at his childe since before the flash.

"Um, Angel?" Spike's voice was higher, too.

"Yeah?" "You're little."

"Spike, this is no time for demeaning comments. You know perfectly well that I'm not little." For some reason, he didn't want to fight.

"No, not that kind of little. Little little. Height wise." The blonde looked up. "And my clothes don't fit right."

"Spike, stand up." Angel pushed himself out of the murky sewer, and stood on the ledge. Spike complied.

Standing before him, was a brown haired, blue eyed, 10-year-old boy.

Part 5

The slayerettes regrouped at the library, finding no sign of Ethan. They were talking loudly amongst themselves, when the door to the sewer was pushed open. Buffy went up to look, and let out a gasp.

"What the..." She returned to the main library, followed by two young boys. "Um, guys...our friendly neighborhood vamps have a slight problem as well."

"Oh, gosh. You guys are ... tiny. And young. And, Spike! Your hair! It's..."Willow stuttered.

"Brown." Oz filled in.

"Giles, um, is there anything you can find about ... this?" Angel gestured to himself and his childe.

"And could you get us some clothes that bloody fit?" Spike asked, annoyed.

"Spike, none of us have clothes that fit." Buffy said, as she gestured towards the newly shrunken group. Spike looked up; finally noticing the rest of the Scooby Gang was in the same predicament his sire and he were in.

"Who did you piss off this time?" He asked with a sigh.

"Hey, Mr. I-only-own-one-set-of-clothes, at least we have a reason for being here. What's yours?" They may have taken her body away from the prom queen, but she still was the same old Cordelia.

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