The Child At Heart: Prologue-Two

The Child At Heart

By Ally W.


Buffy rolled over onto her other side. The sun, which was streaming through her windows, was interrupting her day of sleeping, and no training. After a few minutes of trying to go back to sleep she finally gave up and stepped out of bed. Needless to say she was puzzled when she fell, and landed on her butt. “Ouch, note to self, no fighting vamps right after waking up, Buffy has no coordination.” Sighing she got up and reached for the sweatpants lying on the floor next to her. “Man these are big, since when do I shop in the big and tall section?” It was then that she looked in the mirror. “No fucking way.” Buffy stared at the reflection in the mirror, it was her, but that wasn’t the bad part. The fact that she looked like she was about 10 years old was what was wigging her out. “Looks like I’ll be going to the library today after all.” Buffy groaned, then proceeded to rip apart her room, looking for clothes that would fit her now tiny frame.

Part One

Buffy walked into the library to find two children sitting at the conference table talking to Giles. The red head turned to look at Buffy when she heard the doors of the library open. The brown-headed boy continued to talk to Giles.

“Oh no, you too!” Willow sighed when she took in Buffy’s appearance.

“Will? Xander!? What’s going on? I wake up to find that I look like a ten-year-old! I didn’t like being a child, and I certainly don’t want to go back to 5th grade!”

“I’m afraid that you may have been put under a spell of some sort.” Giles said. Just then they heard the library doors slam shut and a brown haired girl and boy approached the table.

“Hey Cordy.” Willow said as the two approached.

“Oz!” Buffy exclaimed. “Wow, you look so…different.”

Everyone looked at Oz; he hadn’t quite grown into his ears yet. Oz just shrugged.

“Well now that everyone’s here we can try and figure out what’s going on.” Giles said, going to the card catalogue to find some books.

“It’s not enough that we look like The Little Rascals, but we have to research as well?” Xander whined, everyone just shot him annoyed glances.

“Well if you want to look like Spanky for the rest of your life...” Buffy said.

“Fine.” Xander hopped off the table and they all started their research.

Part Two

“Bloody hell, I should have guessed.” Giles slammed down the phone and stalked off into his office. Unaware of the five pairs of bewildered eyes that followed him.

“Wonder what that was about.” Buffy said, closing her book and getting up to go talk to Giles. Just then he came charging out of his office, crossbow in hand.

“Whoa, G-man, what’s with the weapons?” Xander asked, and then hid in his seat when he saw the menacing look he got for calling Giles “G-man”.

“Giles, what’s wrong?” Buffy stepped directly into his path, stopping him from leaving the library.

“That bloody sot Ethan did this. It’s part of a deal with the mayor. He’s expecting a shipment of some sort, to do with the ascension. He wanted to make sure that you couldn’t interfere. The good news is that the spell wears off in about 48 hours, so you all should be fine to go to school on Monday.” A collective groan escaped the group. “Now if you’ll get out of my way, I have someone to kill.” Giles started to move forward again.

“No way you get to have all the fun!” Xander jumped up and ran over to the weapons locker.

“Yeah, I’m going with you too.” Buffy grabbed the sword from behind the counter.

“Us too!” Willow, Oz, and Cordy exclaimed, as they too went to get weapons.

When they were all sufficiently armed the started to head out of the library. Just then Angel walked out from behind the stacks.

“Why are you all armed to the teeth? What’s happened? And why are you all children?”

“Sorry deadboy, this is a private hunting party. And since it’s daylight, I guess that means you aren’t included, such a shame.” Buffy shot a menacing glance at Xander, then explained what was going on to Angel.

“Well, have fun killing him, sorry I can’t help.” Angel waived, kissed Buffy on the top of her head, which was level with his stomach. Then went back to the sewer entrance through the stacks.

“Let’s move out!” Xander said in his best military voice, and they all left the school in search of Ethan Rayne.


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