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Weasel Links

Yes Here are some great web sites to go! ^_~

My Favorite Web Site!

Kids Click TV - Kids shows 2017!

WARMING! Team Artial web site is ending.

Knuckles Chaotix fan site


Games FAQS

Unofficial Biker Mice Fan Club Home Page

Samurai Pizza Cats Online
Anyone remember Samurai Pizza Cats show? Here's a fun little fan site!

Jig Zone - Jigsaw Puzzles
Fun Jigsaw puzzles!

Here`s a good web site that I like to go sometimes.

Weasel World
My friend Daisy Hunt`s web site! ^_~

I`m Back
Daisy Hunt`s second web site! She a BIG fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kyodaio no Kokoro
Another one of Daisy Hunt`s Yu-Gi-Oh web site!

Lylat Wars
A great little Star Fox web site to visit!


Services to help!

I`m member there, why not you join to as an artist!

An really AWESOME website for getting brushes and patterns for your photoshop software! (Be sure to give full credit to the creator!) It's FREE!

I`am also a member here, writing & reading web site. It`s FREE!

I made my web site here, and it is free.

A great web site to information, (but do be careful).
Basicly like Wikipedia, another good site to get info from.

IDW Publishing
A Comic book publishing site.

Archie Comics
UPDATE 2017: Used to BE--The ones who makes Sonic The Hedgehog comics

Diamond Comics
I go to this web site to get the info of when Sonic comic books come in.

Free Online Translator
This is a great site if you need to translate words from a another language.

Home schooling Help!

A Plus Math
It`s a great web site to go, when you need math help!

Go HRW Think Central
Another great home school work sire!

Astronomy Picture of the Day
This great web site to go, when you need some astronomy picture for your school studying.

Calvert Education Home School Curriculum
A Home schooling web site, you can order their manual.

A Beka Books
Another good home school web site! Grade school to high school.

Key to Curricum Press
This is an wonderful place to get your math curricum.

Bridgeway Academy School
Here`s another homeschooling program.

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Weasel Links