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Weasel World

Nack the Weasel Central!!

Last Update: June 14, 2003---An update?! Truly???!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!! Look at the adorable Whipped Cream Avengers game sprites below!!!

Haha, if you know me, you know how crazy I am about a certain lavender-and-white weasel from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe! If you don't know me, you'll realize exactly how weasel-crazy I am when you take a lil looksey around! ;)

Here, you can read Nack's various bounty hunter misadventures, occasionally with his sister Nicolette (Nic) and be able to see my fan art for the weasels, plus many new characters I've thought up! ;)

Oh, here's Nack now . . . He's watching me set up this website . . . He doesn't want me to put in any more hurt/comfort than I absolutely have to! LOL, also if you know me, that will be a whole lot of hurt/comfort!! . . . Nack's giving me a dirty look now . . . He's so rough and tough . . . He doesn't like for people to think that he gets himself knocked out all the time! . . .

Nack: You're durn right there!!

Me: Oh, come on, honey, it's not *that* bad. At least I don't kill you off in my stories, like SOME people, who shall remain nameless. . . . You know I could never, ever do that to you in my stories!!

Nack: Well, thank Heaven for small favors!!

LOL, also, I want to thank my great friends Diane (for her wonderific artwork, which is all over my site), Heather (who has contributed some groovy fanfics, and fanart too!), JP (who has always been supportive of my various interests, including my wacky h/c obsession!), and Ly the Werewolf (who, along with the others, reads and reviews all my fanfics and enjoys 'em! ^_^ Hehe . . .) **clap clap clap**

Mizku Jade made this! Too cuuuuute, huh?! I just adore it!!!!! *______*


The Bounty Hunter Chronicles Read my Nack tales!!
Fan Art Here's the link to my Weasel Art at Side 7! It includes fan characters :)
Guest Art Where various artists can contribute their Weasel art!!
Fan Characters Check out pix and biographies for all my original characters relating in some way to Nackie boy!
NEW AND UNIQUE!! Hurt/Comfort Fans Anonymous (or not)! LOL! This is Nackie Boy's least favorite part of the website, understandably ;)
Who are the Whipped Cream Avengers???!! They're mentioned a lot on this page and at my fan gallery, but who (and what!) are they??
Nack's Hideout The Yahoo Club/message board!

Hey, if anyone wants to link to me, please use this wonderific banner that Diane made for me!! :)

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Here's a good Sonic site, with lots of fun stuff to check out: The Sonic Foundation :) I always have fun there! :)

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