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Welcome to Weasel Galore

Uh-oh! Angelfire went through a server migration, and I lost the front page and the Weasel News update page! Sheesh! What mess! Look like Bean the dynamite BOOEY it here! >_< Never fear though, I'll get it back together here, but it take me a little bit time. Which means this page is -under construction- for the moment. Sorry about that!

Update: What I'm going to do is update this front page, I'm going to put a new banner. The old one is feeling a little out dated--still good but a little out dated. I'm not sure if I'll create a "Weasel News update page", maybe I'll just put little updates here. Comic update: Diamond Comics is showing the next Sonic The Hedgehog #67 is out on 12/06/20223 Sonic The Hedgehog Winter Jam #1 out on 12/13/2023 But if that turns to not to be true check with your local comic store or go to Diamond Comics website.


Weasel News Update page LOST!
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