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I'm Back!

A Yu-Gi-Oh! Shrine and Tribute to the Great Seto Kaiba!

Last Updated: January 13, 2005 Added a new banner for everyone who is disgruntled with the absurd pairing of SetoXAlister (Amelda). Um, HELLO?! Alister wants to steal Seto's soul. And Seto is not into romance. (Heck, even though I like SetoXTea, I know it would never happen.)

**parts the beaded curtain and steps out in full gypsy attire** Ahh, welcome, my friend! I am Madame Daisy, and you have entered my humble abode! Feel free to look around. You will notice the room is decorated in a Yu-Gi-Oh! motif, with a special emphasis on Seto Kaiba, Yugi Muto, Bakura, and Marik, the four cutest guys on the show! ^^ You will herein read fanfics, study fanart, and discover my own thoughts on what kind of person Seto Kaiba is! ^^ I do not buy into that nonsense about how he's a villain and a bad guy, because it's simply not true! ;) Enjoy your stay!

. . . Oh, and watch for Shadi, Yami B, and Rishid! ^^ They're lurking around too! :)

Table of Contents

My Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Art ^^

Angsty Hurt/Comfort Stuff
A bit more of my fanart while I puzzle over getting a Premium Side7 account XD
This links to my page at, home of my YGO fics ^^ Please don't forget to review! ;)
Character Musings
Seto Pairings
Yu-Gi-Oh! Mysteries
Song Lyrics
My humble tribute to Yugi and Bakura
Yami Bakura's Corner of DOOM!!
Marik's Yacht
About Madame Daisy
Ancient Egypt

This is so funny! ^^ I was informed that it's from a Japanese website ^__^ I can't seem to download the site on my computer, but I'll find the URL and put it up for others to see and hopefully they can link up with it XD

LOL!!!!!!!!! ^_______^ Cute, cute, and that last one is hysterical!!! XD These are from the Akutenshi website ^___^

This is Blue Eyes and Apricots, the Seto & Téa fanlisting! (Not owned by me; but I'm a proud member and advertiser!)

I took this YuGiOh quiz and got Tea!! ^__^ **virtual cartwheel** I don't know why so many people hate her; Tea is kewl!!! ^_____^

This is a Yahoo Group for Christian Yu-Gi-Oh! fans ^_^

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The picture here on the main page with Kaiba and the BEUD is from Duelist Cancer. Thanx a mil! ^^

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