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College Baseball Recruiting

College Baseball Recruiting


  • Q: What do college coaches look for when they are recruiting players?
  • A: First the player has to be able to get into the school. If you don't meet the schools minimum academic requirements for admission, don't expect to hear from those schools.Also can you play at their level of competition.

  • Q: What are the usual steps in the recruiting process?
  • A: At the beginning of his junior year, apply for approval to play NCAA Division I sports from the NCAA Clearinghouse.Colleges are permitted to write letters to prospects after September 1 during his junior year. Personal contact may take place after July 1 following his junior year, and once-per-week phone calls are also permitted then. College coaches can send unlimited emails prior to the July 1 contact date.

  • Q: Does playing at a top 25 school increases my chances of getting drafted?
  • A: Scouts are looking for players with major league tools, it can be a small Division 3 school or a nationally ranked Division 1 school. But attending a top flight baseball program will increase you chances of being scouted because you are playing many teams that have previously drafted players on their roster.

  • Q: How many official and unofficial visits can my son make?
  • A: Players can make five official paid visits to different schools and an unlimited number of unofficial visits, which they must pay for. They, however, can't make official visits or accept scholarships until they are academically qualified.

  • Q:What are the new rules passed concerning College Baseball Recruiting?
  • A:Under new rules recently approved by the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors, starting in 2009 baseball transfers will have to sit out a year, just as is now the case in football and basketball. Transfer rule is one of a package of changes designed to improve academic performance in baseball, including the requirement that all scholarships be at least 25 percent of the equivalent of a full ride, the number of players on scholarship is limited to 27 with a maximum squad size of 35, and all incoming players are certified to be eligible in the fall semester.
    Also, schools whose Baseball Academic Progress Rate Average is below 900 for a four-year period will have to reduce the number of games they can play from 56 to 50.

  • Q: Does letters or phone calls from colleges mean they are gonna offer a scholarship?
  • A: No. Many schools may send out hundreds of letters to potential recruits. Some may actually be in a form letter, press release or baseball camp invite. Until you see a scholarship offer from the school, don't get too excited.

  • Q: Which is better : a small offer from a big school, or a big offer from a small school?
  • A: If a school offers you alot of money they are planning on playing you right away.

  • Q: Can a scholarship be taken away if he's injured or not satisfied with his playing ability?
  • A: Scholarships are renewable every year. Coaches can cut your scholarship money increase it or decide not to renew your scholarship at the end of season. Most coaches if you are injured will renew your scholarship, but they don't have to.

  • Q: What is a good scholarship offer?
  • A: Division I baseball schools are allowed a maximum of 11.7 , Division II schools have 9.0 full scholarships. They are usually spilt up over 25 players with the highest percentage going to pitchers then catcher and shortstops. Anything over 50% is a great offer and remember they can increase their scholarship offer, which frequently happens if the player gets drafted high in the amateur draft.

  • Q: What percentage of scholarship money is spoken for in the early signing period?
  • A: About 1/2 of the scholarship money is allocated in the early signing period. Most of the Division 1 Top 25 Colleges scholarship money is allocated in the early signing period.

  • Q: If my son didn't receive any scholarship offers before or during the November signing period, should I be concerned?
  • A: Don't panic,many players improve during the spring and most coaches save some scholarship money just in case a player pops up out of nowhere.

  • Q: Will sending a videotape of me improve my chances of being recruited?
  • A: It can definately help, but keep the tape to about three minutes. Be certain to show your throwing during infield/outfield practice before a game and several of your at bats during game competition, plus include some running from home to first on a hit. Pitchers should show about one inning or about 15 pitches.Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Travis Lee sent a video to San Diego State's Jim Dietz and was offered a scholarship without ever being seen by Dietz.

  • Q: Where do baseball recruitors find talent?
  • A: The most popular places for college baseball recruitors is the SelectFest Showcase,Team One Showcases, Junior Olympic Tournaments,SelectFest Showcase,Perfect Game Baseball America Wood Bat Championship, Eastern Professional Showcase and the Area Code Games can each draw up to 200-400 scouts, college recruitors, and player agents.
  • The AFLAC/All American Game features top 38 high schools players throughout the country.
  • The Team One holds a nationals featuring the top 100 high schools players plus three regional tournaments.
  • The Area Code Games features 14 teams of the top 300 players throughout the country.
  • The USA Junior Olympic Tournament features the best amateur 17-18 year olds throughout the world in a 8 team tournament.
  • SelectFest Showcase features the top 120 players from the Northeast.
  • Eastern Professional Showcase has 6 teams of the top 120 players from the East Coast.
  • Perfect Game/Baseball America Wood Bat Championship has 80 teams from around the country in a four day tournament featuring some of the best High School players in the USA and Canada.

  • Q: How does one get invited to SelectFest Showcase, Team One,Perfect Game, Area Code Games, or Junior Olympics?
  • A: SelectFest Showcase gets most of its players from recommendations from MLB scouts or college coaches.
  • SelectFest Showcase gets most of its players from recommendations from MLB scouts or college coaches.
  • Team One gets most of its players from recommendations from scouts.
  • The Area Code Games has regional tryout camps conducted by Major League Scouts. The Junior Olympics players are invited to tryouts by the Olympic coaches plus they have a open walk on camps.
  • The AFLAC/All American Game players are chosen from recommendations from Perfect Game staff.

  • Q: Do College Recruitors Pay Attention To Recruiting Services ?
  • A: The problem with most recruiting servies is they oversell the player's ability and send out mass mailings to the coaches that end up in the coach's trash can. The good recruiting service hold pro style tryout camps and are well attended by college coaches.

  • Q: Is it a good idea to attend a college baseball camp?
  • A: If you are interested in a particular college it is smart to attend their summer baseball camp or Prospect Camp. You will get a chance to see their campus plus demostrate your baseball skills in front of the several college coaches and get instruction from college coaches.

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