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How to make a baseball recruiting web site
How to make a baseball recruiting web site

How to make a baseball recruiting web site

The internet provides an easy and fast way to get your name out to college coaches and major league scouts by making a baseball recruiting web site for an individual player.The college coach or MLB scout will look for this information in a potential prospect.

Contact Information: List your mailing address, phone and email address.
List Links to Web Sites. Provide the high school web site,High School Baseball Web Site, High School Baseball Schedule and Directions to the High School you play at.
Academic Information:Provide the high school name, your graduation date.SAT's, ACT Scores, and Grade Point Average.
Baseball Information:List the players position, height, weight, which way he bats and throws plus date of birth.
Summer Team: provide links to summer teams web site and baseball schedule.
High School Showcases Attended: List any High School Baseball Showcases you have previously attended and ones you are planning on attended this year. Be sure to list the dates and location for your upcoming high school showcases.
Baseball Honors/Awards: provide a listing of any baseball honors or awards since his freshman year in high school for both the high school and summer league season.
Player Profile Showcase Links: Provide player profile links to high school baseball showcases especially if they show 60 yard times, release times, arm strengths, batspeed, and MPH's. An independent source or scouting report such as a High School Baseball Showcase is much more reliable, than information from parents. Parents tend to exaggerate 60 yard times, release times, arm strengths, batspeed, and MPH's.
Include Video: Video can be a tremendous help in marketing a baseball player to college coaches. Keep video short and under 2 minutes.
  • Position players infield/outfield throwing, esp throws across the diamond, so coaches can see the carry on the throws. Outfielders should show the longest throws which are to home plate. Catchers should show the throws down to 2nd base.
  • Hitting: Hitting videos should be short and at many different angles. Film the hitter in batting practice(cage) from the side, showing his hands, body and stride.Also film the hitter from in front and behind so they can see the ball coming off the bat.Also include game footage, film from the side and show the hitter running full tilt from home to first. Be sure to edit the film and just show the hitter hitting the ball.No balls or foul tips.
  • Pitchers: Film the pitcher from behind the catcher, showing his mechanics and variety of pitches you throw. Show radar gun readings on film if you can.

    Player Recruiting web sites can be designed for a cost of $75.00 per player:

    Player Recruiting Web Sites(Examples)

    In the Minor Leagues

    Niko Goodrum

    In College

    Michael Webber
    Luke Ewing
    Micah Grissom
    Charles Mc Dowell Jr.
    Samarai Portlock
    Pierre Bowles
    Marcus Swint

    In High School

    Jake Ring
    Dalton Ewing
    Mendez Elder
    Jeremy Glore
    David Placido Jr
    Alfredo Escalera
    Raylen Elzy
    Christopher Smith

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