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National Letter of Intent

2003 National Letter of Intent (NLI)

Administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA)

Do not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. on the following signing dates, or after the final date listed for each sport.

1. Initial Enrollment in Four-Year Institution. This NLI is applicable only to prospective student-athletes who will be entering four-year institutions for the first time as fulltime students, except for 4-2-4 transfers who are graduating from junior college as outlined in paragraph 8-b.

2. Financial Aid Requirement. I must receive in writing an award or recommendation for athletics financial aid for the entire 2001 academic year from the institution named above at the time of my signing for this NLI to be valid. A midyear junior college transfer must receive athletics financial aid for the remainder of the 2001 academic year. The offer or recommendation shall list the terms and condition of the award, including the amount and duration of the financial aid. If such recommended financial aid is not approved within the institution's normal time period for awarding financial aid, this NLI shall be invalid.

2. a. Professional Sports Contract. If I sign a professional sports contract I will remain bound by the provisions of this NLI even if the institution named above is prohibited from making athletically related financial aid available to me under NCAA rules.

3. Provisions of Letter Satisfied.

3. a. One-Year Attendance Requirement Met. The terms of this NLI shall be satisfied if I attend the institution named on Page 4 for at least one academic year.

3. b. Junior College Graduation. The terms of this NLI shall be satisfied if I graduate from junior college after signing a NLI while in high school or dring my first year in junior college.

4. Letter Becomes Null and Void. This NLI shall be declared null and void if any of the following occurs:

4. a. Admissions and Eligibility Requirements. "This NLI shall be declared null and void if the institution with which I signed notifies me in writing that I have been denied admission, or if I have not, by the institution's opening day of classes in the fall of 1998 (or, for a mid-year junior college football signee, the opening day of its classes of the winter or spring term of 1999), met the institution's requirements for

4. a. admission, its academic requirements for financial aid to athletes, and the NCAA requirement for freshman financial aid (NCAA Bylaw 14.3) or the NCAA junior college transfer rule." The student must meet both of the first two requirements, and one of the last two.

4. a. (1) It is presumed that I am eligible for admission and financial aid until information is submitted to the contrary. Thus, it is mandatory for me, upon request, to provide a transcript of my previous academic record and an application for admission to the institution named above.

4. a. (2) If I am eligible for admission, but the institution named above defers admission to a subsequent term, this HLI shall be rendered null and void. However, if I defer my admission, the NLI remains binding.

4. a. (3) If I become a nonqualifier or partial qualifier (per NCAA 14.3), this NLI shall be rendered null and void.

4. a. (4) If I am a Midyear Junior College Football Transfer signee, the NLI remains binding for the following fall term if I was eligible for admission and financial aid, and met the NCAA junior college transfer requirements for competition, for the winter or spring term, but chose to delay my admission.

4. b. One-Year Absence. This NLI shall be null and void if I have not attended any institution (or attended an institution, including a junior college, that does not participate in the NLI Program) for at least one academic year after signing this NLI, provided my request for athletics financial aid for a subsequent fall term is not approved by the institution with which I signed. To receive this waiver, I must file with the appropriate conference commissioner a statement from the Director of Athletics at the institution named above that such financial aid will not be available to me for the requested fall term.

4. c. Service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Church Mission. This NLI shall be null and void if I serve on active duty with the armed forces of the United States or an official church mission for at least eighteen (18) months.

4. d. Discontinued Sport. This NLI shall be null and void if my sport is discontinued by the institution named on page 4.

4. e. Recruiting Rules Violation. If the institution (or a representative of its athletic interests) named on page 4 violiated NCAA or conference rules while recruiting me, as found through the NCAA or conference enforcement process or acknowledged by the institution, this NLI shall be declared null and void. Such declaration shall not take place until all appeals to the NCAA or conference for restoration of eligibility have been concluded.

5. Basic Penalty. I understand that if I do not attend the institution named on Page 4 for one full academic year, and enroll in another institution participating in the NLI program, I may not reptesent the latter institution in intercollegiate athletics competition unitl I have completed two full academic years of residence at the latter institution. Further, I understand that I shall be charged with the loss of two seasons of intercollegiate athletics eompetition in all sports except as otherwise provided in this Letter. This is in addition to any eligibility expended at the institution at which I initially enrolled.

5. a. Early Signing Period Penalties. A prospective student-athlete who signs a National Letter of Intent during the early signing period (November 9-16, 2001) will be ineligible for practice and competition in football for a two-year period and also shall be charged with two seasons of competition in the sport of football.

6. Mutual Release Agreement. A release procedure shall be provided in the event the institution and I mutually agree to release each other from any obligations to the NLI. If I receive a formal release, I shall not be eligible for competition at a second institution during my first academic year of residence there and shall lose one season of competition. The form must be approved by me, my parent or legal guardian, and the Director of Athletics of the insitution named above. A copyof the release form shall be filed with the conference which processes this NLI.

6. a. Authority to Release. A coach is not authorized to void, cancel or give a release to this NLI.

6. b. Extent of Release. A release from this NLI shall apply to all participating institutions and shall not be conditional or selective by institution.

7. Appeal Process. I understand that the NLI Steering Committee has been authorized to issue interpretations, settle disputes and consider petition for release from the provisions of this NLI where there are extenuating circumstances. I further understand its decision may be appealed to the NLI Appeals Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.

8. Only One Valid NLI Permitted. I understand that I may sign only one valid NLI,except as listed below.

8. a. Subsequent Signing Year. If this NLI is rendered null and void under Item 4, I remain free to enroll in any institution of my choice where I am admissible and shall be permitted to sign another NLI in a subsequent signing year.

8. b. Junior College Exception. If I signed a NLI while in high school or during my first year in junior college, I may sign another NLI in the signing year in which I am scheduled to graduate from junior college. If I graduate, the second NLI shall be binding on me; otherwise, the original NLI I signed shall remain valid.

9. Recruiting Ban After Signing. I understand that all participating conference and institutions are obligated to respect my signing and shall cease to recruit me upon my signing this NLI. I shall notify any recruiter who contacts me that I have signed.

10. Institutional Signatures Required Prior to Submission. This NLI must be signed and dated by the Director of Athletics or his/her authorized representative before submission to me and my parents (or legal guardian) for our signatures. This NLI may be mailed prior to the initial signing date. When a NLI is issued prior to the initial signing date, the "date of issuance" shall be considered to be the initial signing date and not the date that the NLI was signed or mailed by the institution.

11. Parent/Guardian Signature Required. My parent or legal guardian is required to sign this NLI regardless of my age or marital status. If I do not have a living parent or a legal guardian, this NLI may be signed by the person who is acting in the capacity of a guardian. An explanation of the circumstances shall accompany this NLI.

12. Falsification of NLI. If I falsigy any part of this NLI, or if I have knowledge that my parent or guardian falsified any part of this NLI, I understand that I shall forfeit the first two years of my eligibility at any NLI participating institution as outlined in Item 5.

13. 14-Day Signing Deadline. If my parent or legal guardian and I fail to sign this NLI within 14 days of issuance to me, it will be invalid. In that event, another NLI may be issued withing the appropriate signing period. (NOTE: This does not apply to the early signing period)

14. Institutional Filing Deadline. this NLI must be filed with the appropriate conference by the institution named above within 21 days after the date of final signature or it will be invalid. In that event, another NLI may be issued.

15. No Additions or Deletions Allowed to NLI. No additions or deletions may be made to this NLI or the Mutual Release Agreement.

16. Official Time for Validity. This NLI shall be considered to be officially signed on the final date of signature by myself or my parent (or guardian). If no time of day is listed, an 11:59 p.m. time is presumed.

17. Statute of Limitations. This NLI shall carry a four-year statute of limitations.

18. Nullification of Other Agreements. My signature on this NLI nullifies any agreements, oral or otherwise, which would release me from the conditions stated on this NLI.

19. If Coach Leaves. I understand that I have signed this NLI with the institution and not for a particular sport or individual. For example, if the coach leaves the institution or the sports program, I remain bound by the provisions of this NLI.


Name of Prospect ________________________________________________________________________________

(Type Proper Name, Including Middle Name or Initial)

Permanent Address___________________________________________________________________________

Submission of this NLI has been authorized by:

SIGNED___(Director of Athletics)_______(Date Issued to Prospect)__________________________

Sport (Men's)_________________________Sport (Women's)______________________________________

This is to certify my decision to enroll at _________________(Name of Institution)__________

I certify that I have read all terms and conditions included in the four pages of this document, I have discussed them with the coach and/or other staff representatives of the institution named above, and I fully understand, accept and agree to be bound by them. (All three copies of this NLI must be signed individually.)

Signed(Prospect Signature)______(Date)______(Time)______________________________________________

(Prospect's Social Security Number)_______________________________________________________________

Signed _________________________(Parent or Legal Guardian Signature)______(Date)______(Time)______

(Print Name of Parent/Legal Guardian)____________________________________________________________

(Telephone Number)______________________________________________________________________________

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