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Player Agents


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College Scholarship Plan
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What An Agent Does

An agent is someone that is hired to represent a player in contract negotiations with a team.Agents negotiate contracts, screen investments and handle tax and other finacial matters for his clients.

Agents handle most everything off the field for the player, so the player just need to worry about playing. The agent protects the player from tax and insurance worries,handles travel and housing arrangement , basically assists in making the player's life more comfortable. An agent must have a great knowledge of the legal system, be able to judge talent and use that knowledge in contract negotiations to the benefit of his client.An agent that secures a record setting deal for his client, raises the standard for all player in that class.

Competition for clients has changed minor league life. Most clubs have a strict pay scale, but agents can negotiate memorabilia shows and baseball-card deals to supplement a player's salary. They also provide advice on option rules and getting players jobs in winter baseball.

Agents don't charge for their services for minor leaguer players. They just ask if you make the majors, you make a financial arrangement with them.

Deciding On An Agent

  • Have help. It is a good ideal to have your parents screen prospective agents.Have a lawyer review any contracts before signing anything.
  • Is the agent bonded? A bond is form of insurance against any mishandling of a client's finances.Many states require anyone handling large sums of money to be bonded.
  • Ask for character and professional references. Ask how long have they been an agent? Whom do they represent? What assurance the player will get the proper attention from you ? Why are you the right fit for us ?
  • Ask any prospective agent for proof of eductional background, training and work experience, particularly in baseball.
  • Have in detail a discussion about fees for each of the services the agent provides.What is the length of the contract and under what circumstances can you terminate the agent.
  • What is the agents record for keeping clients ?
  • How much time will the agent provide to your interests?
  • What endorsement deals has he gotten his clients ?
  • What equipment or apparal contracts has the agent negotiated?

    Choosing an agent is one of the most important decison an athlete can make. Don't rush into a decision on an agent, consult with your parents, coaches, other players then decide what is in your best interest. Look for an agent that you can trust and will look out for your best interest

    The Players Association requires that any agent who negotiates a 40-man roster contract go through their certification process. This involves a 20- page agreement/ questionaire that informs him of it code of conduct guidelines. The Players Association maintainsa file on each agent in part to help players choosing an agent.

    "The biggest thing is the agent's integrity,"says Orel Hershiser. "The only way you're gonna find out about that is by interviewing people who currently have them and people who they've been fired by. Talk with them. Then talk with the Players Association, see what their reputation is there."

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