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Why You Should Advertise Here?

Though Bollywood companies have recognized the web as an important and cost effective medium for advertising, the online media plan of several companies, seem to end with registering a domain, placing a few pages of product information/photographs and submitting the site's details to a few search engines.  

Such a 'broad' campaign could bring a lot of visitors, but not results, simply because your visitors are most likely, casual surfers from a country you are least interested in. 

Instead of 'shooting in the dark' and hoping for the best, Bollywood Vista can help broadcast your site's details to the world's largest Bollywood online audience or narrowly target to a particular section among them.  

You can either choose where you want your ad placed or let our Account Executives help you create a customized online plan that maximizes the relevance of your message and reinforces your overall communications and marketing plans. Bollywood Vista can help you advertise on this site for as little as $50 or less for month.  
Benefits of Advertising On The Bollywood Vista: 

  • Opportunity to reach a large audience on the web's most popular Bollywood Web Sites :
    Bollywood Vista
    , India47.Com, Are You a and Modeling World

  • See results immediately! Real-time online reporting and automated account management - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can analyze campaign results and change your banner creative at any time.

  • Targeted advertising on selected or all the Bollywood Vista's and other sites pages. 

How Does It Work? 
Advertising on Bollywood Vista is easy. Just follow these steps:  

  1. Place Your Order

  2. Simply choose the prize for the advertise. A confirmation will be sent via email as soon as your payment is approved.

  3. Prepare and Submit Your Banner

  4. You must have a banner for your site. All banners must conform to our banner specifications. You can submit your banner online immediately after submitting your payment.

  5. Banner Review and Approval

  6. Your banner will be reviewed by our quality assurance staff within 48 hours of receipt. It will be checked against our banner specifications and quality standards. We reserve the right to reject any banner advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate.

  7. Your Ad is Live - View the Reports!

  8. Once your banner is placed into advertising rotation, your ad becomes "live." Your banner will be advertised on the Bollywood Vista, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Bollywood Vista Staff. 

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