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Bollywood Vista : Humor and Jokes
Humor and Jokes - Sites
1001 Jokes Plaza - resource of jokes and humor on the net. Jokes - jokes on politics, entertainment, office humour, joke of the day etc.
Abhijeet's Desi Humor
Ajit Jokes - jokes on the Hindi film villain
Ajit Jokes
At Da Pind - entertainment, mp3s, downloadable hoax phone call by LLCoolJeet
Bengali Jokes - a few definitions
Bhel Puri's Joke Archive - collection of clean Indian jokes on Sardarjis - weekly cartoons depicting political, social, economic and current events
Brajesh's Jokes - personal site with jokes
Brajesh's Wacky Jokes - humour for everyone
Comic Strip - Swami, contains cartoons by Ashok Dongre
Darshan's Planet - jokes, one-liners, games & downloads
Desi Boyz Masala - funny pictures, jokes, puzzles, desi jokes, sardar jokes
Desi Cartoons - cartoons on Indian politics and social life
Desi Jokes - Sardar ji jokes and more
Desi Jokes - jokes on Delhi transport, Sardars and more
DesiCartoons - cartoons by Mario Miranda
Diganta's World
Dilip's Dimension - some really funny jokes links.
Dr A Kula's Adventures - the funny adventures of Dr A Kula, the dumbest one-fanged vampire
Dummies Incorporated - jokes & cartoons
E-Santa & Banta - joke site with joke of the day, graffiti board, jokes in the mail etc.
Francis' Collection - Indian jokes on Sardarjis, Tamilians etc.
Funny Jokes - featuring all kind of jokes.
Funtoosh - portal for jokes, cartoons, chat, message boards, humour, games etc.
Funtoosh - cartoons, quotes, facts, sounds, videos
Gand - jokes, shayaris, IT news, e-mail, personal pages & links
Gandmasti - contains humour, jokes, Indian links etc.
Gujju Jokes - collection of gujrati jokes
Haresh Mehra's Jokesite - contains humour, chat etc.
Humor, Jokes - By Rajiv Pant
Humorous Article - jokes & humor by Ramesh Mahadevan
India Humor - Page full of awesome Indian humor. Something you will like.
India Interactive Humour - collection of interactive jokes
Indian Humor - humor, jokes & fun site
Indian Humour and Jokes - the web's premium Indian humour page with free mailing list
Indian Interactive Humour - Indian joke archives, free jokes in the mail, interactive humour etc.
Indolink - A Collection of links on humor.
Jest-An-Hour - humour chat at Chat from Mondays to Fridays at 3 PM
Joke Site - contains Indian jokes
Jokes International - collection of jokes from around the world
Jokes Site - contains Indian jokes
Jokes Today - jokes on technology, computers, communities etc.
Jokes - contains jokes, humour, computer jokes, sardarji jokes etc.
Kaak's Cartoon Collection - cartoons on Indian politics, society etc. by Kaak
Kavya's Jokes - laughter good for health.
M S Biju's Cartoons - cartoons on computers & internet
Marathi Timepass Site - contains Marathi jokes
Masala Time - humour with Indian politicians, Bollywood and more
Medical Murphology - Murphy's law on all reasons why everything goes wrong applied to medicine.
Ninad's Jokes Pages
Priya Raj Cartooning and Lampooning - website devoted to a variety of cartoons
Rohan's Joke Page - Ajit jokes,college jokes,virus jokes
Saad's Joke Bag - collection of great jokes collected from the net
Santa Banta Jokes - compilation of jokes - site for humour, cartoons, jokes & romance
Sardarji Jokes - includes Sardar in Capital, Sardarji in Jurassic Park, Sardarji on train
Shayari - contains funny shayaries
Sherin's Jokes Galore - jokes of only two kinds.
SindhiWorld - resource for sindhi world
Smile Time - Suvardhan's humour page
Smile Time - contains jokes, funny pictures, stories, articles etc.
Var's Joke Page - contains good jokes
Youngsters Online - contains humour, jokes, funny poems, stories for kids, puzzles etc.
Zindagi - portal for jokes, cartoons, chat, message boards, humour, games etc.

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