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Bollywood Vista : Theatre
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Astha  - a Gujarati family entertainer about the faithfuls and the unfaithfuls
Master Phoolmani  - musical comedy Gujarati play about a man's desire to become a woman
Siren City  - a biting story about the politics of showbiz
Atithi - synopsis of the Hindi play by V. Malhotra's Professional Acting School
Dr. Mukta - a play in Hindi by Sanjay Goradia & Ramesh Talwar
Folk Theatre - about different styles of folk theatre in India.
Gallery of Theatres - a photo gallery of traditional theatres in India
Koodiyattam - a classical Sanskrit theatre in Kerala
Modern Theatre - an article on modern or parallel theatre
Sambandho Ni Pelepar - synopsis of the Gujarati play by J. Abbas with cast, gallery & schedule
Sanskrit Theatre - about Sanskrit plays
Theatre Schools - list of theatre schools in India

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