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Bollywood Vista


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About Bollywood Vista


    Our Company

Bollywood Vista, which changed it's name to Bollywood 2001 is the Bollywood's premier entertainment network that delivers you much better quality of entertainment. Bollywood Vista is one of the biggest and powerful Bollywood site which includes everything such as news, music and more over giving a chance to teens who wants to be a Indian Model.


Our Search Engine


Bollywood Vista's search technology has consistently been a performance leader since the has provided the search engine to us. It is a free search engine which enables you to find anything in Bollywood Vista.


Our Services


Bollywood Vista is committed to delivering best-of-breed Web results to our key users, by integrating content and functionality from both within the Bollywood Vista Network and through external partners. Our primary focus is serving our users across the globe. Capitalizing on our broad and distinctive offerings of innovative features and services, Bollywood Vista delivers the ultimate Internet experience through a vat domestic network of Search oriented sites:

  • Bollywood - The most comprehensive entertainment service available for users particularly interested in Bollywood and Indians site.

  • - India's Largest Network online, which let all the Indians connects to each other by joining. Hundreds of thousands Bollywood and Indians site added every month.

  • Article Section - Submit article based on Bollywood, India, Personal or even your view. NEW!!

  • Bolly Hut - The finest DJ is online now. Listen to latest remixed songs online by DJ Jiwan.

  • Modeling World - Giving a Teens a chance to become something. You can be model too and also you can check and win the Model of Week Contest.


Our Approach


Bollywood Vista's focused approach is to continually build your trust upon our system. We want to serve you with more and high quality entertainment which you will never forget. We will keep adding and updating more stuff for you.


Our History


Launched on 16th October 2000, Bollywood Vista, a definitive India and Bollywood portal, is created with the vision of 'enabling everyday usefulness', for every Indian. Built to grow with the ever-widening presence of the Bollywood site in India and America, its foundations are rooted in original content intertwined with a great brand proposition to create a compelling user experience.


Where the Name Came From?


Bollywood Vista, which changed its name to Bollywood 2001 was created by Sandeep Singh. Since we have many sites called Vista, we decided to make our name Bollywood Vista, which is easy to remember and easy to type.


Where We Are Today?


A lot of exciting things have happened at Bollywood Vista since we initially entered the Web scene just a few months ago. In January 1999, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of purchased Bollywood 2001 and Are You a  in March. Now we owned all the services that mentioned above.

Today, we are rapidly expanding our global search services even further through the integration of each of our platforms and the constant introduction of new features and services. There are many more exciting things to come in the months ahead. We remain committed to providing our users with the best entertainment experience on the Web from a single source. As we develop new and better ways to reach our objectives and fulfill our users' needs, our "view from above" promises to keep looking better and better.

Bollywood Vista Staff. 

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Model of The Week!!

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