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The Lithuanian Kitchen

Posted Recipes

To help you create scrumptious Lithuanian dinners and treats, we've started with some ever-popular Lithuanian recipes. To view, simply click the title:


| Cracker Stuffing | Potato Pancakes |
| Lithuanian Honey Liqueur | Poppyseed Rolls |
| Lithuanian Rhubarb Cake | Fresh Cabbage Soup |
| Spirguciai | Sauerkraut Soup |
| Cheese | Cold Beet Soup | Crock Pickles |
| Deep Fried Pastry Strips | Duck Soup |
| Half-Sour Pickles | Kugel | Pigs' Feet | Sausage |
| Sausage #2 | Sauerkraut | Stuffing | Sweet Cheese |

Each month, we'll be adding new recipes. So, keep comin' back.

Bulletin Board

This forum will lean towards traditional Lithuanian recipes, however, feel free to post your own enhancements of Family favorites. Your hints, tips and culinary tricks certainly will be much appreciated by everyone.

Looking for a recipe or a "how-to" tip? Just post it, someone in the group will be able to help. Each month we'll be selecting 5-10 new recipes to post on the web


About Our Co-Hosts: Joe and Joyce
Joe Ames Lithuanian Global is proud to have Joe Ames [Yakubaskas], Emeritus Professional Member of The Institute of Food Technologists and developer of recipes with a Lithuanian flair, hosting this room. Joe is the owner of The Ames Company, Inc, purveyors of "Value Adding" ingredients for the food manufacturer. Laima And, our Lithuanian Cookin' Room would be incomplete without Joyce "Laima" McGahey, first generation Lithuanian-American and guardian of mom's favorite Lithuanian recipes. She'll keep Joe in line. After all, a woman's point of view is always needed in the kitchen. [geeezzzz - that takes toooo long to cook!]
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We're ready to serve the best Lithuanian Recipes available!

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