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Intuitive Records is a Danish musician-run label releasing improvised music. 001, 002 and 003 are produced on receipt of orders and design and labelling has in some cases been restricted to basics (apart from the large booklet coming with 003). Remaining ones are factory produced. We represent a small pioneering Danish context of open composition and some related activities. Being a small company, we only release ourselves and a few friends - demos are not accepted, sorry.

Link to published scores where appliccable.

Prices and payment:
In case you buy directly from us, the price is 120 DKR each (around 10£ or 15$/Euros varying with exchange rate) plus postage and packing (we only charge what it costs). Please note that CDs are of higher audio quality than downloads. Special rates for dealers and distributors. Please mail for details. Payment by Paypal, IMO, cash or giro.

Info and direct orders:
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IRCD 001: ALTERATIONS LIVE. Live Recordings 1980-83.

Legendary Alterations from England: Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack, Terry Day and David Toop. This group pushed improvised music into humorous, pluralistic universalism at a time when improvising musicians from different genres seriously began to mix. The first CD with their music - all tracks previously unreleased! In cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

"This Live CD fills a huge gap in the history of British free improv. ... A must-have." Francois Couture, (See the whole review here.) "Fascinating, varied, witty, very purposeful in the timing and in the choice of actions and timbres and always good for a surprise. What can one wish more ?" Matthias Schwabe, Ringgespräch über Gruppenimprovisation. - "One ... witnessed of a row of unequalled soundscapes which could not help to touch one's perception of the established notions of music and which at the same time thanks to excellent technique, musicality and understanding between musicians appeared with an independent musical value" K.F. in MM magazine (Denmark), June 1981 about the Copenhagen concert featured on 001. "...two long pieces from about the time that the [quartet] was becoming a sensation in the West...funny, ridiculous and often very clever improvisations", Rich. Cochrane, "Alterations Live is the missing link for a better understanding - and appreciation - of this mythical group of extremely advanced imaginary folklore which was so remarkably ahead of its time", Philippe Renaud, Improjazz.  "...this music still really works..." Dan Warburton, The Wire.   "...absolutely to be recommended", Pepsch Muska, Jazzlive.  More... Listen
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IRCD 002: ROHSTOFF - Fullmoonimprovisations 1999/2000 Tryllehaven.

Open-air free improvisations in a context of trains coming and going at Vanløse station, Copenhagen. A diary of mono and stereo recordings selected by Felix Becker, director of the Tryllehaven (Magic Garden) performance space. Music also performed by: Ivan Vincze, Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, László Béla Kovács, Patricia Roncayolo, Niseema Munk-Madsen, Daniel Briegleb, János Vetø Lavman (Nah Te), Kászon Kovács, Mikkel Hornnes, Ervin János Lázár, Thomas Bredsdorff, Ildikó Ungváry, and birds, train passengers, spectators, wind, nature... ...

"Beneficially different...Liberating to listen to...conveys a counterpoint to all that stilted nothing which is packed into cellophane in accordance with fashion and with which music life is so amply supplied". Anders Beyer, Information (Denmark). See the whole review in English and Danish"Bizarrely compelling, these recordings dig down into something conceptually very deep in the free improv tradition, but they're musically lively enough to be more than just ideas. The Copenhagen scene is a rich one, and the arrival of new label Intuitive to document it is most welcome". Richard Cochrane, (UK) "... a very airy music, often soft, more singing than melodic. ...sly naivité..." Noël Tachet, Improjazz. More... Listen...

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IRCD 003: Danish Intuitive Music
Glimpses from a quarter-century of the composer-performer Group for Intuitive Music's activities. Compositions by its members Jørgen Lekfeldt, Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Ivan Vincze as well as by jørgen plaetner who appears here as a guest. Also playing are Béla Hamvas Group for Intuitive Music, Birkerød Accordion Orchestra, Lin Ensemble (all DK) and Edges (UK). A booklet giving numerous samples and comments on the graphically and verbally notated compositions included. In cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. ", dynamic and full of invention" , Rich. Cochrane,"... succeeds in giving insight into the practise of improvising from recipes during the last 25 years...", Matthias Schwabe, Ringgespräch Über Gruppenimprovisation. - "...extremely great musicianship...", Federico Marongiu, "The joy of experimentation knows of no limits...", Pepsch Muska, Jazzlive  More... Listen... Download ... Scores

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IRCD 004: Béla Hamvas Group for Intuitive Music.

This group was founded 1995 by the viola player and composer Ivan Vincze. Hamvas (1897-1968) is an Hungarian philosopher and symbol of emancipation. The group plays music by jørgen plaetner and Bergstrøm-Nielsen from the collection ”improvisationskalender” as well as by Lekfeldt, Vincze og Stockhausen, the classic name in intuitive music. Large booklet in English, German and Hungarian included. "It is incredibly moving to me that you, together with your friends in Denmark, are making such sound experiments. Please be assured of my high esteem! Karlheinz Stockhausen.  "...these musicians ... are constantly exploring new sounds with their instruments yet retaining a "group spirit" that allows them to interact in a really amazing way... I recommend this to all people interested in boundaries breaking music", Federicio marongiu,"...performances place emphasis on cooperation and mixture of abilities rather than displays of virtuosity. The results are pleasantly diverting with instrumentaiton, ranging from electric organ to ocarina, casting up some curious alignments" THE WIRE (Julian Cowley), May 2005. More... Listen... Download ... Scores

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Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, composer and pianist. Works by Rasmussen and by Niels Viggo Bentzon, for piano solo and for variable ensemble.  "Henrik Ehland Rasmussen ... shows that he has the reserves of energy to listen forward in time", Per Rask Madsen, Danish Music Review  "...keeping the feeling of the compositions really coherent due to the master hand of Rasmussen ...All the tunes were recorded live and that amazes me most because they are of great quality and the experimentation never becomes chaotic. Master improvisation in seven pieces full of virtusism" Federicio Marongiu,  More... Listen... Download ... Scores

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We also sell and distribute:

DIMC 001: Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 1997

Twelve improvisation specialists from several parts of the world meeting, many of them playing with each other for the first time. The recording is from the tutti opening of the Conference: Claus Bech-Nielsen (DK Accordion etc). Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (DK French horn, voice, etc), Frank Hiesler (D Percussion), Helene Jerg (DK Cello), René Mogensen (DK/USA Soprano and tenor saxophones), Nisima Marie Munk-Madsen (DK Flute), Gerhard Pischinger (DK Flute), Henrik Rasmussen (DK Pennywhistle etc), Robert Cole Rizzi (DK Electric guitar, pedals etc), Johan Toft (DK Marimba), Ivan Vincze (SLOVAKIA/DK Viola), Kumi Wakao (JAPAN Toy Swanee whistle; voice).

Karlheinz Stockhausen, author of the concept of "intuitive music", wrote to us about this record: "...everybody is searching for "the event" with great care: go ahead; sometimes there is indeed a "constellation" where things flourish". Richard Cochrane in "pretty astonishing...The music is spacious, layered and sophisticated...exhilarating...Highly recommended ". Franois Couture in "a nice document of a one-shot creative orchestra...". Pepsh Muska, Jazzlive: " amazing result...suceeds in a truly splendid manner". More... Listen...

Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 2001.

Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference is an open, international meeting for improvisors held every year. This Russian release is their third, after one Danish and two Japanese ones. Here, the international ensemble explores free improvisation in both long and short forms, duo and tutti - as well as pieces with graphic and/or verbal instructions, recorded during the meeting and at a later Copenhagen concert. Musicians are: Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK) - Henrik Rasmussen (DK) - Frank Hiesler (D) - Ge-Suk Yeo (Korea/D) - Helene Jerg (DK) - Johan Toft (DK) - Blaise Siwula (USA) - Henriette Errebo (DK) - Roman Stolyar (Russia). More... Listen...

Madam Press is a Danish Ensemble consisting of female musicians who are attatched to the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music at Odense, Denmark. They play both free improvisations and pieces. This is their first CD which features a number of pieces made collectively by the group and open to an improvised process. Musicians are: Mette Stig Nielsen (pno) - Helene Jerg (vcl) - Lonnie Svilling (fl) - Karina Agerbo (rec) - Nina Bjørk Eliasson (voc). "Formulations that communicate, refreshing contrasts of material and dramaturgically meaningful processes ... sensitivity of listening which made contact, and creativity" (From Jan Jacoby review of one of their concerts, Politiken, 6/11 2000). "...a lovely and encouraging CD...", Joergen Lekfeldt, Dansk Musiktidsskrift.  "...the first thing that struck me ... was the emphasis that some of the musical pieces here have in achieving melodies and twisting them beyond recognition....I have been gratefully surprised by the amazing voice that Nina Björk Eliasson has, using it like another instrument... Mette Stig Nielsen is an expert in adding dissonances to the music playing chords that will surely strike your ears..." More... Listen...

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