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1.19/02/00 9:20
2.02/03/99 2:29
3.02/03/99 5:26
4.30/04/99 9:59
5.30/05/99 13:44
6.30/05/99 0:38
7.30/05/99 2:06
8.27/08/99 4:38
9.25/09/99 7:13
10.25/09/99 6:50
11.24/10/99 7:59
12.24/10/99 Schleife (put your CD player on repeat)

All recordings from Tryllehaven circusplace & open-air atelier except no. 11 & 12 in the LAGER. No. 2-8 mono, no. 1 & 9-12 stereo.

Producer: All performers. Recording, Mix, Cover Design: Felix Becker/Tryllehaven. e-mail: Kastanie Allé 27a - DK-2720 Vanløse.

REVIEW: "One can enjoy a beneficially different cd with meaningful nonsense with the release Fullmoonimprovisations 1999/2000. Composers and musicians known from the Group for Alternative Music make the musical flywheel go round. This is music that does not play on customary notions and which has no wish to pretend to be any more than that which it is: Free improvisations in which no extramusical means are excluded beforehand. Liberating to listen to and probably even more fun to take part in realising. The CD conveys a counterpoint to to all that stilted nothing which is packed into cellophane in accordance with fashion and with which music life is so amply supplied".

Anders Beyer, Information (Denmark), 2.marts 2001.


"En velgørende anderledes cd med meningsfuld ga-ga kan opleves på udgivelsen Fuldmåneimprovisationer 1999/2000. Det er komponister og musikere, som er kendt fra Gruppen for alternativ musik, der sætter det musikalske svinghjul i gang. Det er musik, som ikke spiller på vante forestillinger, og som ikke ønsker at puste sig op til at være mere end det, den er: Frie improvisationer, hvor ingen ekstramusikalske virkemidler på forhånd er udelukket. Befriende at lytte til og formodentlig endnu sjovere at være med til at realisere. CD'en formidler et kontrapunkt til alt det opstyltede ingenting, indpakket i moderigtig cellofan, som musiklivet har så rigelige mængder af".

Anders Beyer, Information 2.marts 2001.

Rohstoff: Fullmoonimprovisations 1999/2000 Tryllehaven (Intuitive: IRCD002)

Felix Becker, Ivan Vincze, Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen, Laszlo Bela Kovacs, Patricia Roncayolo, Niseema Munk-Madsen, Daniel Briegleb, Janos Veto Lavman, Kaszon Kovacz, Mikkel Hornnes, Ervin Janos Lazar, Thomas Bredsdorff, Ildiko Ungvary (instrumentation not specified)

There is a particular approach to improvisation which can seem slightly strange when you first encounter it, although it's been around in free improv at least since the days of the AACM, and so probably since free improv existed at all. This approach finds a commonality with field recordings of "exotic" musics rather than with the studio, and seeks, one way or another, to embrace that commonality in a non-contradictory way.

Rohstoff represent one way of doing this. Most of their CD was recorded outside, in quite noisy environments and without sophisticated equipment. Although some are recognisable and familiar, most of the instruments sound either exotic or home-made. Vocal outbursts are common, too, and what with the group's tendency towards occasional pulsed rhythms and melodic-harmonic "riffs" one is rather strongly reminded of the music of the poorest and most isolated parts of West Africa. There is a sense that this music is supposed to be part of an environment both natural and, as it turns out, technological, as a railway station tannoy locates this apparently rural music in an urban setting, indeed in one of Europe's cultural centres.

This, then, is a long way from mere ethno-forgery or any attempt to reach for some authentic, "natural" way of making music. This is music which is often funny and sometimes perverse -- take the completely incongruous eleventh track, a skewed acid jazz pastiche which bears no relation to anything else on the disk, or its successor: "put you CD player on repeat", says the liner, but the effect is just that you hear the same, perfectly complete piece over and over again. Bizarrely compelling, these recordings dig down into something conceptually very deep in the free improv tradition, but they're musically lively enough to be much more than just ideas. The Copenhagen scene is a rich one, and the arrival of new label Intuitive to document it is most welcome.

Richard Cochrane,

A review by Pepsch Muska in German in Austrian magazine Jazzlive is here.

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