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SOUND SCAPES - Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 2001


1. Soundparticles (Henrik Rasmusen) 13:58
2. Picture 1 (Ge-Suk Yeo) 3:36
3. Picture 2 (Ge-Suk Yeo) 1:32
4. Duo 1 (Frank Hiesler - Ge-Suk Yeo) 4:33
5. Duo 2 (Blaise Siwula - Roman Stolyar) 3:10
6. Duo 3 (Frank Hiesler - Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen) 4:52
7. Duo 4 (Blaise Siwula - Ge-Suk Yeo) 3:32
8. Opportunities - fragment (Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen + DIMC) 6:20
9. Last Day Tutti (DIMC) 28:46


"...the music you can listen here on this CD is result of collaboration of musicians from five countries gathered for participating in DIMC held in Rudme in summer 2001. Some compositions are examples of collective improvisation notated graphically, by different ways. Thus, graphical score can look like a sort of "verbal instruction" for performers, with a prescription how selected musical models interact. It is this way by which pieces by Henrik Rasmussen and Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen are written. The other way is chosen by Korean composer and singer Ge-Suk Yeo. Her scores remind rather fantastic landscapes that could be interpreted freely during performance (you can see the score of Picture 1 by Ge-Suk on the CD front cover as an example). At last, all duos and final tutti are nothing but completely spontaneous improvisation where all music is created without previous agreement."

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