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This is a live CD with the Danish improvising ensemble BÉLA HAMVAS GROUP FOR INTUITIVE MUSIC, a group which cultivates the practise of working with composed frameworks, although with free forms not fixing the details. Béla Hamvas is an Hungarian philosopher and symbol of liberation.

Members include both professionals and amateurs, and the group has reached a high level of creativity since its start in 1995. Various guest musicians also participate, making the musical expression ever slightly delightfully fluctuating. It features characteristic pieces by the founder, Ivan Vincze as well as by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Joergen Lekfeldt, Joergen Plaetner - and by Karlheinz Stockhausen who is represented by two text-notated pieces. How different the compositional design can be even in the short texts of these pieces can be studied in the booklet comprising no less than 18 pages, with a lot of other illuminating documentation and texts in English, German and Hungarian.


1. Carl Bergstrřm-Nielsen (b.1951): '14.august' (1996) from improvisationskalender, vol. II. Like the other pieces presented here by this author, the score consists mainly of short verbal hints. 6'29
2. Ivan Eugen Vincze (b. 1930): 'Summer-Swings and Jumps' (1996) ['Sommerschaukel und Sprünge'] - this is a graphic score for four players for instruments ad libitum, also without indications of tempi and dynamics. 6'01
3. jřrgen plaetner (1930-2002): '23.september' (1996) from improvisationskalender, vol. III. See illustration inside ... 5'38
4. Carl Bergstrřm-Nielsen: '17.maj' (1996) from improvisationskalender, vol. II. 3'27
5. Jřrgen Lekfeldt (b.1948) : ' MO-NU-MENT' (1979) - is a text-notated piece. 4'24
6. Carl Bergstrřm-Nielsen: '28.juli' (1996) from improvisationskalender, vol. II. 7'00
7. Ivan Eugen Vincze: 'Taking a Walk' ['Spaziergang'] (1994) - is a piece from the collection: '5 Texts for Intuitive Music'. 4'56
8. Karlheinz Stockhausen (b.1928): 'Presentiment' (1970) ['Vorahnung']. Text-notated music from Work no. 33 For Times to Come. 17 Texts for Intuitive Music. 5'18
9. Ivan Eugen Vincze: 'Tutti e Soli and One Conductor' (2003) ['Tutti e Soli und 1 Dirigent'] - is a graphic score. The form of the piece is divided into 17 proportions. See illustration inside ...16'25
10. Carl Bergstrřm-Nielsen: '27.juli' (1996) from improvisationskalender vol. II. 3'50
11. Ivan Eugen Vincze: 'Always Slow' (2001) ['Immer langsam']. Text-notated music for two groups and one keyboard instrument. 5'47
12. Karlheinz Stockhausen: 'Bird Of Passage' ['Zugvogel'] (1970). Text-notated music from Work no. 33 For Times to Come. 17 Texts for Intuitive Music. 5'55

Béla Hamvas Group for Intuitive Music: László B. Kovács (various instruments) - Ervin J. Lázár (various instruments) - Ildikó Ungváry (keyboard, various instruments) and Ivan Vincze (viola).

Also participating: Béla Hirtling, Kászon Kovács, Carl Bergstrřm-Nielsen, János Vetö, Felix Becker, Jens Balder, Nils Davidsen, Peter Ole Jřrgensen and Szilárd Mezei (Serbia).

Recordings mainly from live concerts in Copenhagen 1997-2003.

(P) © 2004. Produced by the musicians and Intuitive Records. Cover: Ervin Lázár. Live recordings and mastering: Nah Te. With support from Danish Composers' Society/KODAs Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes.

Click here to download the entire booklet of 18 pages - 4,8 MB. (Requires Adobe Reader - if it's not already on your computer, get it here )
Review by Federicio Marongiu, (Reviews July 2005):

This is pure intuitive music, full of improvisation and spontaneity. here we have amazing musicians that interact between them in an amazing way creating pasages that despite using heavily experimentation and improvisation are really coherent and also they explore without falling into chaotic musical pieces. I am really amazed by this musicians that are constantly exploring new sounds with their instruments yet retaining a "group spirit" that allows them to interact in a really amazing way. the compositions here have melodies but also have background sounds and some noises and percussive sounds that surprises the listener constantly. One good thing is that the booklet comes with full explanations about intuitive music, with web links to sites where there are explanations of this type of music, so the booklet is really isntructional for people that would like to know more about Intuitive music. I recommend this to all people interested in boundaries breaker music.
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