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We wish you a very warm welcome to the "Bilingual Pages". This Website has been designed to be a resource for parents and others who are interested in bringing up children using more than one language.  Most of the material that we have gathered comes from the Bilingual Families Mailinglist. If you are a member of the Bilingual Families Mailinglist, or maybe in the process of becoming one, the blue pages on our web may be of special interest to you. We highly recommend the growing FAQ archive where a lot of knowledge from listmembers is gathered.

What has changed here lately? We have added a Cookery Corner, that's the  place where we share delicious recipes from all over the world.
At the Tongue Twisters page you can try to get your tongue around some of these refrains from many different languages. Alicia in Texas is the host of that page.
Another useful page is The The "Exchange of Hospitality Project", a data base for people who would like to meet other bilingual families or exchange houses during a vacation. The page is password protected, but if you are a member of the Bilingual Families Mailinglist you can get the password by sending a request to Valeria who takes care of that page. We have also added a search engine for the Bilingual Pages, in case you are looking for something specific. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

If you find any errors on these pages, or if you've got any tips or suggestions - for ways we might improve them, then please write to us, or sign our Guest Book. If you just wish to have a look in the Guest Book - click here!

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A survey that Henrik conducted in the mailinglist december 1998

The pages of the list owners, Cindy & Steinar

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Organizations for bilingual matters in various countries 

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The "Exchange of Hospitality Project"

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The Bilingual Pages Team

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Berni Armstrong, Capellades, Spain
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LAST UPDATED: 7 MARCH 2003 Updated Statistics of the list.