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Here are some tips on how to dig in the archives of the Bilingual-Families-List:

Many people have asked about how to retrieve articles from the Bilingual-Family-Lists' Archives. Here is an example of how to do just that......

To get an index of subjects that have been discussed:
Send a blank e-mail to the following address:
This will cause you to retrieve the subjects of messages 1000 through 2000 from the archive. A maximum of 2000 subjects are returned per request. Today, a sunny day in August 2000, there are 11690 messages in the archive

Should a thread now take your interest send the following blank message:
This will cause you to retrieve a copy of all the messages with the same subject as message 1234.

If you want to read all the messages from a certain period you can get them in packages of 100. Send a blank email to for example , then you'll receive the 100 messages between number 8200 and 8300. If you alter the numbers into 8300_8400 you will get the messages from 8300 to 8400, and so on.

To get to know the numbers of the postings in a certain period you can go to the Statistics Page of the mailing list.

What's the easiest way to fetch mail after the holidays? (if you unsubscribed during that time)

1, Check the number of the last mail that you received from the list before . If you putyour email program to "show all headers" you can find the number at "Return-Path" or at "Sender".

2. Send a blank email to this address:
(alter the "XXXXX" and "YYYYY" to "number of the last mail"_"number of the last mail + 99").
In a minute you'll get 100 messages  sent to your email address. The server can only send packages of 100 mail at the same time. The postings are sorted in threads and there is as overview of the subjects at the top of the letter.

3. Keep asking for another 100 postings until you reach the end of the archive.

Another, easier, way to dig in the archives would be to check out our new FAQ page. Together with a team of listmembers we have been digging and sorting threads by subjects and all you need to do to retrieve a topic is click on it and your mailing programme will take care of the rest. The FAQ-team can use the help of more members, if you would like to join in send a mail to Henrik.

Good Hunting... and better Retreiving!
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