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Sometimes our tangents spin us completely out of orbit...  here are some links which members recommended when the topic came up on "The List"...

Some time back Marina asked the list for websites related to international adoption.
She didn't get much response.  But she did manage to collect some sites from ImF members.  Apparently there isn't much reference specifically to the language issue on these sites, although some touch on the topic; intercultural issues are generally covered. Here's the list of sites she found, in case it's of interest to anyone.

Rainbow Kids



Moses on Line


Erika recommends an interesting article from the twins list FAQ on language developmentof twins apparently it should not be too delayed provided they were born full term, etc.

Racial prejudice & Kids

Nataliya Recommended the following articles:

"Mothering" magazine # 96 September-October 1999
"The colours of love" and "Pride or prejudice".
Mothering has a website . They also give you the opportunity to buy back issues.

They apparently had more articles on the subject in # 58 "Raising interracial children" and # 45 "Between me and you".

We are told there is a TESOL Convention held Annually. This year its from the 24-26 March in Madrid, Spain

Anyone interested can check out this website.  We'll keep this here past the date in case it gives details of future Conventions.


This debate was sparked when someone read this Original study:
Responses to that study included the following:

This is the link to the Swedish organisation "Save the Children"  a web-page
against child-pornography.

We are told you can find a Shakespeare game, called The Play's the Thing here.
and that there is another interesting web site for games

Various members found our discussions about Names interesting.  One offered  a collection of World Wide Names

Still can't think of a name for that unborn child... or literary creation???  This site has a babyname finder where you can plug in certain features like nationality, religion, how many syllables, etc.
Good luck!

Apraxia of speech may also be called verbal apraxia, developmental apraxia of speech, and verbal dyspraxia.   Click here for more.

Louise remembers someone mentioning hyperacusis on the list a while ago.  While "surfing" she came across this WWW page about it

The RNID is the national charity for deaf people in the UK and is quite authoritative.

Profound Speech Delay
Here are some links courtesy of Wendey: was written about my son, I swear <g>

Miscellaneous (Off-Topic to Way off the planet.....)


Anansi is one of the most popular characters in West African mythology.
Read about this Trickster here!

Find out what's happening "Down on the Bayoux"
with the Cadjun Magazine

Some time back someone told us there was once a debate whether the official language in the United States of America was to be German.  It turned out to be a Legend - but here is some
more about the Muhlenberg Legend that Cindy explained so well

Pikabo Street

One list member could not let the debate about this oddly named skiier rest.
The following link references the "Indian name" version of the story.

Back in November 1999 we debated vaccines quite a bit.  Here are two links that surfaced from that debate:

This may change your outlook on Vaccines.

For what another member finds to be "a more balanced discussion of the pros and cons of
vaccinations...."  I recommend the following web site of Dr. Koop, the former US
Surgeon General, who has in his "retirement," focused his energy on public
health awareness and issues.

Another member has a favourite site to add to the vaccine debate. It is here.

The Great Toy debate has not escaped our scrutiny:

Apparently etoy supporters have put up a website with more detailed information and
links to a number of articles about etoy and about this conflict.  Read all about the toy wars

Tired of just being classified as a housewife? Check out how one mother in the list tackled this.

We were discussing recently if musical ability has anything to do with being bilingual.

Well, here is a great web site that Sara enjoyed.  It has lots of scientific information
about music.  It's the MUSICA site "Musica and Scientific Information
Computer Archives."

Sara says their newletters have many interesting articles about music and behavior and brain development.

For a European perspective, she suggests we try the "European Society for the Cognitive
Science of Music."  The website is in English and French.  Interesting, because the address is in Hannover!  Their journals are all published on-line.

The "Musical Intelligence Neural Development Institute" (M.I.N.D. Institute) also has a great website.  Some may find the articles too technical, but you don't have to be a neuroscientist to understand them.  Their board of directors include at least one Nobel prize winner, so this is high quality science.

Ken advises us that "The rules have changed!  Get paid to surf the net"
If anyone earns a few bucks from this link.. remember you heard it first here :-)

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LAST UPDATED 7th March 2000