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Cookery Corner, Bilingual Families Recipes

This is the place where we share recipes from all over the world. Thanks to Jonas in Sweden who already had started a recipy-book. He invented the set-up, and brought in a lot of recipes. He also made a handy script for a database that we can add to the site if it's needed. If you have a nice recipy to share please send it to Henrik.

The recipes come from everywhere, which is really nice - but there is one disadvantage. If you don't know how much 200° Celcius is in Fahrenheit, or how many kilo's there is in a stone it can be tricky to make an intercultural dinner. Therefore we've made some calculatorpages where you can easily translate volume, weight, temperature and length from and to different measuring systems. The calculators also work in off-line mode. Your browser need to understand java-script (most browsers do that nowadays), in other cases you can go to


Beer Bread

Favourite Oaty Bread

Lazy Brown Bread


Best Waffles

Jonas' Grandma's Oaty Squares

Mum's Cold Tea Bread

Welsh Cakes

Yummy Biscuits


Cream Cheese Pie

Swedish Style Cheese Cake


Beetroot Pickle

Crunchy Muesli

Extremely Fattening Sweets

Knäck - Swedish Christmas Candies

Pasta Dishes

Celery, Cheese and Peanut Sauce

Pies and Things

Bacon and Leek Pie

Deep-pan Pizza

Potato Dishes

Spanish Meatballs

Swamp Stew

Rice Dishes

Chicken Fillets on a Creamy Bed of Leeks

Chilli and Sausage Risotto

Tuna Risotto with Mustard Sauce


Smoky Pasta Salad


Leek Soup

Peking Soup

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LAST UPDATED 16th October 2000