I am God

hello. This is a webpage(no da). It has some weird stuff on it(no da). I hope you enjoy your stay if it dosn't kill you. I don't think it will(no da).I'll stop with the no da stuff now any way have fun(yeah right).oh yah no da. it's an anime page (no da).

Hello. I am god. How are you? I am the collecter of souls, give me yours. I live on your grief. I make you live forever, even if it tires you. HAHAHAHAHAHA! please pay no attention to god. YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE MY WRATH !! HAHAHAHA! YOU ARE MINE As said, please pay no attention to the screaming man known as God.my aim is Yui000 my icq is 43230898

Oh, thanks for adding my name, Jasuka, you're so mean! >o. j/p Konnichi wa! I am Kata aka Katherine, Squirrel-chan, etc. You can reach me at KataiyaTokawa@aol.com, EscaflowneMerle@aol.com and KyuketsuhimeMiyu@aol.com. Send me porn, and you shall die. K? Ja ne!

oh i'm so sorry kata.hehehe. any way send us some fan fics and any thing else silly. we want madness!!!!! hahaha oh we also take non-silly stuff. but we like it silly!! ne ways on with our web site!

listen up! fat angel bob is our new mascot!!*God steps on jasuka's head* WHAT?!! how can you do that?! DON'T YOU LOVE ME!???(eh not really God go away)*shoves God aside*

Do you know..Jasuka, we just got 100 hits?( i'm proud of that kata) And it was mostly us?(so what?) And this site has been up for god knows how fucking long.(oh a few months) ;-; I want hits(sucks for you)...damnit. Maybe it's too offensive(have you seen what some people wrote in out guest book?) O.o..but I dun think so...Well anyways, the people that do come to this site we will son be adding Anime Reviews and a Art section, and possibly, favorite characters of Jasuka and Kata.Also maybe picture galleries of the anime we like.etc etc etc..yadda yadda.. I don't know when we are gonna put it up, but we will eventually. Then, hopefully, people will come to our site..and we'll get more webrings and people will link us and stuff ;-;..I have a dream... Ja ne! ^-^!

Look! We have a guestbook! Wow at it and..sign it!hehehe all you people who don't liek this site tell us how much you hate it okay? i mean please? so i can laugh at you? because people like you are just so funny to me? please?

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