Updates and Furture plans

this is what we will use to post future plans and such.

4/9/00- well i made this page. isn't it neat?! As of today we will be doing more reviews. we might start distributing fansubbes if i can get a another vcr.i have a few fan subbes some hard to find ones that kata-chan (such a wonderfull girl) hunted down for me. so lets hope i get a vcr. a review for Weiss Keruz it up. i still need a pic tho.

4/20/00- hehehe happy day i am soo happy. well i didn't do anyting to day. messed around with some colors and stuff. i still need another VCR. oh well. the page is still alive. we really need to get CH2 up. really do. lets see. there is a messed up Utena fan fic comning along (mikage....hehehhe). anway i'll stick it on the fan fic page. love ya people!!


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