Why This Page Is Called:
I Am God

This page is called I am god, simply because, we thought of it. I know we'll get some flame mail, ok definitely will about this subject. But we couldn't call this page "I am a butterfly" simply because that sounds stupid. The title is a cool title. We also could put I Am Satan. But we decided on I Am God. Now, you may think this is a religous site. It is simply not true. This site is dedicated to odd things and anime. You may think the title means that anyone can be god, since he's not real. This is partially true...
Anyways, do not send us flame letters because of this subject, it is a waste of our time to read them. And yes, we are athiests and agnostics.
Also, this page may offend some religous people. Don't send us flame mail because your offended. If your offended, don't go to our site anymore like smart people would. K? Ja ne

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