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Do you recognize this mug? If so, contact Draconian Intelligence immediately. This individual {warning: Individualism is outlawed by the Draconian collective in/on all subordinate sphere's within the Metaverse/Omniverse} is apparently one of several "agent's" who have been recruited as members of a formidable multi-dimensional resistance force which has sworn to annihilate our beloved Luciferian hive.

Crime: Willful defection from various genetic, mind-control, and cybernetic agenda's and 'alter' implantations, into which he was programmed from birth/youth. He is one of our "experiments" that went out of control, which makes him all the more dangerous to us. Fortunately though, the suppression of many of the memories of his abduction experiences remain, although his "emotional memories" are more difficult to suppress, and because of this he KNOWS that SOMETHING happened to him in his earlier years, although exactly WHAT he can not "put a finger on". His conscious "memories" of his encounters with "the others" fortunately remain buried and essentially "asleep" to his conscious mind. This may also be said of the millions or other 'abductees' (as these hu-mans refer to them/selves) throughout planer Terra who have ALSO experienced -- and are attempting to recover from -- similar scenarios.

Many of his SubUnConscious "memories" have unfortunately filtered into his conscious awareness which has inspired him to do some very damning (to us) research and investigations into some of our most secret operations and agendas.

His last known whereabouts: Western Rockies, USA.

The above photograph was taken in 1999... if you have seen this hu-man, contact your nearest MJ12 {a front for Typhonian-Draconian intelligence} operative.

Be cautious, for reports have stated that he is armed with one hell of a vendetta and is reportedly a firm advocate and believer in reptiloid slavery and/or draconicide towards our species... which he justifies because of our use of his bio-form in the past to target and 'hurt' (his words) other human 'units' while under the influence of our collective mental conditioning.

His policy seems to be firm, simple, non-negotiable, and terrifyingly inflexible, in that he has been quoted as stating: "Surrender, unconditionally, you pathetic vermin... OR DIE!!!", and: "The only thing Dracos are good for is luggage, dog food, and fertilizer", and also this terrifying statement: "When this war is over, the only thing left will be Draco SLAVES and Draco GRAVES..."

Those of us in the upper levels of the HIVE do not understand this "individual's" animosity, since we realize that calculated spiritual, mental, and physical abuse -- which we have designed to be self-replicating -- IS ESSENTIAL to dethrone "individuality" within hu-mans and assimilate them into our benevolent HIVE...

On the other (clawed) hand, we have discovered an apparent weakness in this hu-man that we may be able to take advantage of, an apparent tendency towards insanity, for he also makes the following most illogical statement:

"...if I must boast, I will boast in this... that I am one of the weakest and most foolish of all men in the Universe..."

(Note: The simple fact is that water runs much faster through an EMPTY pipe than through one that is self-obstructed)

Who/what is more important? The (human) PEN or the (Divine) PENMAN!?

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