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I am NOT proud of the fact that I spent much of my life in service to DARKNESS.

However, like the Apostle Paul who served darkness most of his life... after he WAS saved and recieved the divine-life-blood-transfusion from Jesus, his knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of darkness -- which he and I once served -- were brought into the LIGHT for all to see.

And like Paul, I consider myself to be "the least" of ALL the saints. And I now KNOW that God uses broken, leaky "human pens" to show forth His TRUTH so that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN BOAST... Hallellujah !!!

So PLEASE, do NOT give me ANY credit for any revelations that may have been exposed by the LIGHT OF CHRIST Himself. I deserve NONE of it. Give ALL THE GLORY to the KING OF KINGS, and to HIM ALONE !!! ... ;o)

I am ashamed of all whom I have hurt throughout my life during my service to darkness, however I am trying to make amends by EXPOSING the secrets of my former "masters of darkness", regardless of the consequences...

I know that this will never undo the dark deeds that I have committed in the past... but thank God that CALVARY COVERS IT ALL...