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Full name: Dexter
Age: 9 or 10
Occupation: student, scientist
Voice: Christine Cavanaugh


The boy genius with the really big “la-bor-atory”, Dexter started life as a short on the “What a Cartoon Show”. Dexter doesn’t have any friends, but he certainly has enough enemies.

Dexter’s solution to any problem is simple: SCIENCE! Whether he is battling his old inventions that he neglected, school bullies, a French test (LOL. “Omalette du fromage”), a flighty older sister and company (Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mimi), an arm wrestling truck driver, or a rival genius, all he has to do is go into his lab and invent something to save him.

Always seen in his lab coat, heavy latex gloves, and thick black glasses that change shape with his expression, Dexter is one of the supreme nrrrds of our time and an honorary member of the YWNA (Young Women’s Nrrrd Association. OK. I know he’s not a female, and neither is Honk, but he’s not real, either.) Other honorary members are Daria Morgendorffer, Honker Muddlefoot, Oblina, and Phoebe Heyerdahl.

~Dexter’s lab is home to the super hero Monkey.
~He made his first invention as a baby. It was a machine that, when you pressed a button, a bell would ring and a light bulb would light up.
~He is so short, he has to have a ladder leading up to his bed.


~ “I will go nowhere near that infectious, plague ridden sack of cooties!” (the sack of cooties was Dee Dee)

~ “I have come to read to you during your incapacitation.”

~ “If you will just...shut up, everything will be honkey dorey.”

~ “Just Dewy it.”

~ “I am up a paddle without a creek!”

~ “Simply put, I am doomed.”

~ Dex:"Because I have no friends and I am totally unpopular."
Dee Dee:"Duh!"

~"You're darn tootin'!"

~"Somehow, Dee Dee, I know this is your fault."

~Dexter: "Stop following me so close. You are going to make me...(falls over) Aaahh!"
Dee Dee: "Trip?"
Dexter: "Precisely"

Thanks to the Unofficial Christine Cavanaugh Page for the lovely picture.

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