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Full Name: Gosalyn Mallard
Age: 9
Occupation: Student, occasional crime fighter (this doesn’t fly too well with her dad)
Voice: Christine Cavanaugh


Some call her a terror bent on breaking her father’s will, but Gosalyn Mallard is just a curious, energetic, growing girl.

"Gosalyn was living with her grandfather, Professor Waddlemeyer (her parents are dead), but then he was killed by Taurus Bulba's thugs, who were after the professor's invention the Ramrod (a device which, well, makes things float, like an anti-gravity machine). Unfortunately, the thugs killed the prof. before obtaining the operation codes. Therefore, Taurus Bulba decides that Gosalyn, being the granddaughter practically raised in his lab might know the code, so he sends his thugs for her.
"Meanwhile, in St. Canard, Darkwing Duck was working hard at becoming a famous crime fighter. He had cleaned up every street punk in the city, but longed for some major action; a chance at a big-time criminal. He got his chance when he tried to stop Taurus's men from stealing the Ramrod from a train. That's how he got involved. DW realized what Taurus was after, and found out about Gosalyn, so he tried to get to her first. He took her from the orphanage and kept her in Darkwing Tower to keep her safe. Of course, they grew on each other (hence the tear-jerking lullaby scene;) and this only strengthens DW's resolve to bust Bulba."

The Lullaby:
Close your eyes, little girl blue, inside of you lies a rainbow.
Yellow blue, red blue, purple two, blue, purple, and green, and the yellow.

Not much on lyrics. Let me try.
Rest your head, little girl blue, come paint your dreams on your pillow.
I’ll be near to chase away fear, so sleep now and dream ‘til tomorrow.
I’ll be near to chase away fear, so sleep now and dream ‘til tomorrow.

Goodnight, Gosalyn.

"So, to make an already too long story shorter, Bulba gets Gosalyn back and it turns out the lullaby Gosalyn sang was the operation code! Well, Gos didn't know that, but DW had figured it out, so he gave Bulba the code in exchange for Gos, but he tries to kill her anyhow. Luckily she's saved by Launchpad in the Thunderquack. Well, all ends well, the Ramrod explodes atop a skyscraper and everyone dies.
"Or do they...
"A few days later Gos is back at the orphanage when a Mr. Drake Mallard comes to see her. He reveals himself as DW and, as they say, the rest is history."

Gos seems to have recovered from the loss of her grandfather quite well, as he is rarely, if ever mentioned again, as well as the fact that she is not DW’s true daughter. Even the writers seem to forget this from time to time.

There is a very special bond between Gos and DW, although at first glance it just looks like she’s trying to drive him mad. She has the amazing ability to get her dad to do anything (I wish I could do that!), and uses it quite regularly. The same quick wit and smart mouth that makes her a great source for quotes is often what gets her into trouble.

She is very involved in any physical activity and loves competition. She doesn’t get much, however, seeing as how Honker and other equally geeky guys are the only friends ever shown. She loves adventure, and very often drags Honk kicking and screaming into her dad’s business. She was not pleased to find out that DW was the definition of geek when young in “Paraducks”.

Her typical attire consists of a purple shirt baring the number 1 and a pair of purple and white running shoes. Her red hair is always in pigtails, and she has these huge puppy eyes with long lashes.


~“My dad’s no crook, although he does shorten my allowance every chance he gets”

~DW:"Because if you sleep in, you don't get fresh trout for breakfast."
Gos:"Now there's a real incentive."

~"Ladies and gentlemen, my dad, the mutant cow."

~"If I had known this was going to be my last meal, I would have eaten more."

~imitating Drake: "'Come on, Gosalyn, camping will be fun!' There's obviously some definition of fun that I don't know about."

~ "And to think, these are my role models." (DW and LP, of course)

~"When in doubt, accessorize."

~"Records. There like big CDs, right?"

Thanks to Dr. Bea A. Quack of the St. Canard Asylum for the episode summary, DAFT archives for the pic of Gos and the Prof, and The Page that Flaps in the Night for the lullaby and picture.

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