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Animation by Hank Bagrowski!


Here are some new pics of "Mystery"

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Updated 07/04/04

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From the junk yard to my "Mystery Machine" 

CNW Great Danes
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Introducing Scooby Doo II

With the passing of Scooby Doo I on November 3rd 2012 I quickly realized I needed a new Scooby Doo. So I did the only thing I could Doo.....called Wanda at CNW Danes and got myself a new Scoob. Here is my new bestus buddy in the whole world born 12/24/2012. 
I will start a picture section for him soon.

P.S....yes...He is as bad as he looks!

Visit the Website of Hank Bagrowski
The Custom fabricator that made "Mystery"

From the junkyard to the car show (Image by Hank Bagrowski)


Jack's Mission with the Mystery Machine

Below is the late great Scooby Doo Daniels I "R.I.P BUDDY"

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I visited many different places with the Machine and Scoob I. We did many charitable events. He will be missed. 

Scooby Doo is a great cartoon. The bad guys never get away. The violence is funny and nobody ever gets hurt even when things go wrong for the gang. I don't ever recall hearing or seeing any sexual references, drug use (Well, Shag and Scoob probably toke a little, but never on camera....LOL!) or foul language. This makes this cartoon a little dated and campy, but worth my kids time. Scooby just makes kids feel great and they love him. If I could bring some of this to life for kids that have disabilities, it would be great! 

Like If anybody wants see the Mystery Machine at their next charitable function, please feel free to e-mail me!

Scooby Doo I makes his appearance at the wedding of  
Ann And Peter Kaval!

Peter is a "Big Scooby Doo Fan" So when Pete's brother Dave asked me to surprise his brother and his bride on their wedding day, whatelse could we Doo. Scoob dusted off his tux, we loaded the Machine on the back of the flat bed and headed for Pittsburgh Pa. 
Below are some "Thumbs"of the pictures and some Special Ranks.

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I will be working on the vans interior during the winter months. Pics of the progress will be posted as they become available. I have plans for eating facilities including a propane grill to cook "Ramburgers" and a tap for Mountain Dew....Get it.... Mountain Dew....Mountain Doo....sorry, Now what else would a guy drink that owns a Scooby Doo Van! .....Water?)

Mountain Dew 
The official soft Drink of Jack's Mystery Machine

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the official candy that powers the Mystery Machine....
"Well, it powers its driver at least"!


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