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Pics of My Scooby Doo

Meet Scoobert Doo Daniels!

Hover your mouse over the pics as I post them to see Scoob's age.

Just a Few Hours Old!

One Day Old!  Eight Days old!

14 Days old!

18 Days Old : 5 Lbs. "Rerry Rismas!"  18 Days Old : 5 Lbs. "Rerry Rismas!"

Scoob and I (Picture taken by my sister Joette) We are like total buds!

Jack Jr. Age 6 & his pal Scooby Doo Age 10 weeks / 27lbs.

Ears Cropped/ 4 months Old/ 50lbs.  

 Me and my pal Scoob! 

 Picked off eating the cat food again!

The pics below are the latest shots of my Scoob.
 (Seven months old and still growing!)

"Damn I'm handsome!"

My Scoob at 7 months old

My Scoob doing what he does best...."Chilling on his bed"

My Scoob and "Baby" the cat

Me and my Pal Scoob! Yes...He did lay a big slobbery kiss on me right after the picture was taken.

November 22nd is my Scoobs Birthday!

Here are some pics taken at his first Birthday Party

Scoob doing his Birthday cake in Scooby Style


Me and my cat Satchmoe. (He told me cats dont do funny birthday hats)

Aint he da BOMB!