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These are some stories and poems I have
gotten for free and found,
so I thought I would put them here
in case anyone needs any of them.

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A Christmas Visit

  Authority of the Bible

  The Ascension


Abraham's True Decendents


Beauty for Ashes

Book of Knowledge

By the Spirit

 Being Faithful to God

Being Robbed

Begin with love


Casualties of Wars


Flowers Today


Food for thought

  Fast Food


God's Love

God will Finish

    Greater than Jonas

  God vs Science


A real Hero of War


It's in the bible


Let Jesus

Lucky one

Mary Had a little lamb


My Favorite Verse

  Nightmares After Rape


Promised Strength

Powerful Medicine

Paul and Babe




Statements of Faith 


The Battle is the Lords

The Gold Star

  Twas the night before
Chrismas ( well kind of )

Three Bearded Men

  The Child's Story  

    The Lake

  The Sea Fogs

  The Sound of The Trees


What Will

Younger Days