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Welcome to the "Old Cars" page which is now part of the Automotive Digest Page again. I have added new pics and better pics of cars I already shown. This looks like an exciting turning point to this page. Join me, and remebering the past here.

1900s to 1940s

Some of the most non traditional designs came from this time period. Designers took advantage of the newest innovations of the period for some unmistakable looks. As well as the more traditional style that still takes your breathe away.

The 1947 Bentley Mark VI, Coachworks by Franay

The Fabulous Fifties

The concept cars of the fifties were dreams of Buck Rogers more than road cars. From the incredible fins, to the gadgets galore. These cars will always stand out in a crowd.

The fins from GM in 1959 were the most outlandish of the eitire decade.

Muscle Cars

True and pure performance was the name of the game. No subsitute for cubic inches was the law of the land. When Hemi, Cobra Jet, Cowl Induction, and Shakers were names that made purist stop in their tracks. These are the cars of every boys dreams.

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